University at Buffalo Hit by Racist Nazi Flyers! Hacker Group “The Daily Stormer” Responsible!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2016

This is one of the funnier local news pieces on the Great Nazi Printer Hack of 2016 thus far.

University of Buffalo taken over by a Nazi printer conspiracy.

There is a lot of wrong information – including referring to The Daily Stormer as a “hacking group,” but that really makes the clip better.

And they’ve got weev entering the courthouse for his sentencing, saying “America is a nation in decline.”

They show the flyer over and over.

You couldn’t buy this kind of advertisement.

What young White kid is not going to see this clip and be like “uh, yeah – count me in on this”?

We are taking over the world.

There is literally nothing standing in our way.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You would be a hero if:

You gathered up all of these clips from local news stories and put them in a single file and uploaded it to YouTube. Like a little mini-documenatary. There are well over a dozen now.

Anyone who has the skills (you don’t need especially serious skills – no editing is needed, just put them back to back, maybe with an opener that says “Great Nazi Printer Hack of 2016” – please do it. We really need this done.