United Nations Demands the Whole World Go Full Anal Immediately

I have a hard time thinking about anything other than this lunatic negroid hoax at the present moment.

But we must never forget that the negroid race is part of an eternal trifecta: you combine him with the thot and the analists, and you get Yidtron, capable of destroying any nation.

So of course, in a time of great negroid grievance, the UN calls for everyone to go full anal. Next he’ll be calling for double anal and a self-service abortion lab in the back of every 7-Eleven.

NBC News:

The United Nations released a report documenting the global reach and impact of gay and transgender “conversion therapy,” calling for nations around the world to work to ban the scientifically discredited practice.

Conversion therapy practices, the U.N. document states, are “interventions of a wide ranging nature” that are “aimed at effecting a change from nonheterosexual to heterosexual and from trans or gender diverse to cisgender.”

Minors are often subjected to this practice, the U.N. found, in part because they lack the legal right to control their health care decisions and “as a result of the desire of parents or guardians to have them conform to expectations, either their or their communities, regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The report, released in May, was written by the U.N.’s Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz. Established in 2016, the office’s mandate is to investigate discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people around the world and produce two annual reports, to the U.N.’s Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.

The office has “faced a lot of pushback from a number of states,” said Sahar Moazami, a U.N. program officer at OutRight Action International. “It’s been ‘controversial,’ as they say at the U.N.”

The UN does nothing at all but sit around and think of ways to make the trifecta more powerful. Just when you think that blacks, women and homosexuals have as much power as they ever possibly could have, these people come out with some crazy thing you’ve never even heard of. What is being promoted here is like some kind of… triple anal. 

The founding document of the United Nations outlines five basic principles for all of humanity to be implemented in the Agenda 21:

  1. Black people everywhere, literally crawling out of the ceiling, and you have to bow down and worship them and they’re allowed to commit crimes
  2. Everyone has to do anal
  3. Self-service drive-thru abortion
  4. Teach babies how to have gay sex
  5. The Holocaust

We now see the final phases of their dastardly agenda coming to fruition before our very eyes.