United Kaliphate Hate Campaign

Modern Heretic
October 30, 2015


What is the greatest threat to Europe’s successful jew-assisted transition from a monolithic, peaceful and bland homeland for Whites into a paradise of teeming mud and islamic detonations? The answer, of course, is White “racism” often expressed via hurting jihadan fists with their faces or thought crime or failure to grovel sufficiently in the face of dispossession and annihilation. Yes, Whites are bad, this is why everyone desperately wants into White countries. And if these special guests, full of hip and cool world beats, spicy food that’s so yummy and well deserved hostility toward us kuffirs, should happen to, I don’t know, plot terrorism, well, that’s probably your fault too.

Just another day in the United Kaliphate.


Mohammed Mohsin Ameen is said to have conducted an eight-month hate campaign on social media.

Typical moe-ham-head behavior. It sure is nice to see all those dull and similar Whites replaced by the exciting “diversity” of a flood of human sewage turned rabid by their desert cult with one first name for all of them.

The 23-year-old, from Dagenham, east London, is accused of using 42 separate Twitter accounts to urge fellow Muslims to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

When your income comes solely from indolence and vice funded by the tax-paying sucker there’s plenty of time to serve your moon god on the web. Still, I can’t imagine moe had much success. After all, it’s a well established fact that the stone cube cult is, for the most part, peaceful, open-minded, respectful to women, unlikely to attack you with a machete, clean, all about consensual intercourse with their own women only (lots of women and children in those invading columns) and certainly not interested in detonating.

Ameen was arrested by Scotland Yard anti-terror detectives on Wednesday October 21 and was charged on Tuesday night with seven offences under the Terrorism Act.

It only took eight months to catch the “immigrant.” Compared to the police response to other minor incidents I guess this counts as a success.

Sporting a long black beard and short black hair, Ameen sat crossed-armed in a grey prison-issue jumper throughout the 10-minute hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court.

I just can’t get over the amazing variety of sand person phenotypes we have the pleasure of witnessing. Black hair? Beard? The Religion of  Multifariousness.

Ms Hart explained the current charges relate to “specimen” counts of Twitter activity, as police have yet been able to scrawl through all the messages.

“Specimen” is right, could there be a more banal example of moe-ham-head-an pathology?

She added: “This is one of the most serious cases of its kind, and it should therefore be heard at the Central Criminal Court.”

Yeah. One would think. We’ll try to fit it in between the case of illegal knife ownership and the case of an unkind glance at a pack of “immigrants.”