United Airlines Bows Down Before Moslem Hoaxster

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2015

Tahera Ahmed - a true American.
Tahera Ahmed – a true American.

It took United several days to come to a decision about how to respond to the outrageous and obviously false claims of a stupid Moslem whore who claimed the airline did a Coca-Cola racism on her.  Instead of confronting her as an obvious liar, they have decided to play along with her fantasy rather than risk condemnation from powerful SJW psychopaths.  This is now commonly known as the “Bruce Jenner Stratagem.”

Washington Post:

The flight attendant who allegedly denied an unopened can of Diet Coke to Northwestern University Muslim chaplain Tahera Ahmad because she “may use it as a weapon” will no longer serve United Airlines customers, the company announced Wednesday.

In an angry Facebook post typed from the plane on Friday, Ahmad, who wears a religious headscarf, accused the attendant of discriminating against her. The comments sparked an uproar on social media — one that only got worse when an initial statement from United called the incident a “misunderstanding.”

A spokesperson for the airline apologized for the incident in a statement released Wednesday, writing that United “does not tolerate behavior that is discriminatory — or that appears to be discriminatory — against our customers or employees.”

Republic Airways, a partner of United’s that oversaw the Shuttle America flight Ahmad was on, told the Huffington Post that it has conducted an initial internal investigation of the complaint and determined that it was an isolated incident.

“We are in the process of reaching out to Ms. Ahmad to provide a formal apology,” a representative for the airline said, adding that the company regretted “the poor judgement and lack of sensitivity demonstrated by one of our flight attendants during a recent interaction with Ms. Ahmad.”

The fact that it took them so long to respond clearly demonstrates that they knew it was a clear hoax, and were sitting around with PR experts trying to figure out whether or not they should call her out or go along with the fake story.

As The Daily Stormer has already reported, her initial Facebook post about the incident contained a retarded bit of nonsense where she claimed that after the plane landed, the pilot came out and personally apologized to her for having White privilege.

Come on now.  Really?  And where is this pilot?
Come on now. Really? And where is this pilot?

After the story began to get media attention, she deleted the post containing this claim. Thus far, no witnesses – this was on a plane, meaning at least a hundred people would have saw it – have corroborated her story, and the pilot certainly hasn’t made any public statements confirming the allegations that he personally apologized to her for having White privilege.

What a nasty bitch.  Why don't you go back to your own country, you ugly hag.
What a nasty bitch. Why don’t you go back to your own country, you ugly hag.

The Washington Post article even admits:

It’s hard to independently confirm the details of Ahmad’s account — there’s no video of the exchange, and United has not offered its own description of the incident.

Reporters obviously all know this is fake, and yet they won’t say it either. They just say “hard to confirm.”

How can it be hard to confirm when there was an entire plane full of people there?

I can believe that there was some sort of incident with the Coke can being opened.  Moslems look at the hands of non-Moslems are filthy, so she didn’t want it opened and the lady told her there was nothing she could do.  But the part about her saying it could be a weapon is made up, along with everything after that.  The idea that random people just started cursing at her, that she began crying, that the pilot personally apologized to her for having White privilege – all a hoax she invented for exactly this type of attention.

This situation sets an incredibly dangerous precedent, where now any colorful minority can simply make up the craziest, stupid nonsense and institutions are obligated to go along with it lest they get crucified in the court of public opinion.

No doubt at these meetings United had with their PR people, someone brought up the fact that even after it was confirmed, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Michael Brown did not have his hands up, rioters and other SJWs continue to claim that he did.

The facts no longer matter at all. All that matters is the feelings. And once you accept that, there is literally no bottom.

Hopefully, someone who was on the plane will come out and deny this story. The pilot is almost certainly too afraid to do so.

This is horrible.

Perhaps even more horrible than the situation itself though is this TYT report on it.