Ungrateful Savages were Plotting Imminent Terror Attack on Host Country’s Police Force

Daily Mail
March 6, 2015

Pictured are the two men who were charged with plotting an ‘imminent’ beheading attack in Sydney: Mohammad Kiad and Omar al-Kutobi.

The two men charged with plotting an ‘imminent’ terror attack on Sydney involving large knives lived together in a white granny flat, it has been revealed.

Mohammad Kiad, 25, and Omar al-Kutobi, 24, shared a home in Fairfield in Sydney’s west, where a home-made flag, representing the prescribed terrorist organisation Islamic State, was found.

A Sydney police station and officers on the street were revealed to have been the mens’ targets, with attacks scheduled for just before midnight on Tuesday, Channel Nine reported.

During police raids at the property on Tuesday afternoon a machete, a hunting knife, and a video featuring both the men, with one recorded making threats, was also discovered according to police.

It’s understood Al-Kutobi is from Iraq and was granted citizenship in 2013. Kiad, a former nurse, is believed to be from Kuwait.

Mohammed Kiad and his buddy were living in a squalid granny flat while plotting to behead Australians.

The two men did not appear in court and asked not to be brought up from the cells at Fairfield Local Court, where Counter Terrorism Task Force detectives were in attendance, on Wednesday afternoon.

Police will allege the men were plotting to carry out an attack on Tuesday and had armed themselves with a machete and a hunting knife and made a video detailing their plans.

An image of the pair smoking shisha together – obtained from 25-year-old Kiad’s Facebook page – was uploaded in July, 2013.

According to his Facebook profile, Kiad is from Kuwait and has been married since January 26, 2010.

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