Ungrateful Black Parasites Intimidate White Prime Minister After Visit to Scene of Massacre

March 29, 2015

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was intimidated by the very savages he has forced onto the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was not welcome when he visited the crime scene of Wednesday’s massacre at a restaurant in the immigrant ghetto Biskopsgården in Gothenburg.

On the site, he was greeted by a large crowd of angry people, mostly immigrants, who felt that Löfven did not really care about them. On some occasions the Prime Minister’s bodyguards had to intervene when the crowd around him became too intrusive.

Many of those gathered around the prime minister were not very impressed by the social-liberal criminal policy that Sweden has had in recent years.

– The day you come here and put down flowers with your heart, that day we’ll sit down and be quiet, says one of the men in a video clip from TV4 which has been posted on Youtube.

His bodyguards had to step in and protect him.

– How are we suppose to sit and eat in peace in here, says another man.

– That we do not dare to go out and go for a stroll, a walk, says a third.

Many also accused Stefan Löfvens visit to Gothenburg for being a poorly disguised social democratic public relations coup and eventually he got a question he could not answer:

– Stefan, Stefan, what’s the name of the people who are dead, do you know that, do you know that?

Then PM Stefan Löfven turned on his heel and walked away.

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