Unfunny Jewish “Comedienne” Chelsea Handler Wants Laws Against Racist Jokes

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

I don’t know who this dude is, but man he looks like shit.

It’s often been said the women aren’t funny. And while that’s certainly the case most of the time, I don’t think it’s always true. I recall laughing quite a bit once when a Russian girl told me how much she was disgusted by blacks and homos.

Pictured: Russian high-schoolers make fun of lynching. These chicks could maybe make me laugh.

However, one thing is for certain: female comedians are never funny. They never have been and they never will be.

Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, that fat pig coal-burner-turned-creepy-AIDS-nightmare Lisa Lampinelli [Seriously, don’t click unless you want nightmares]. It’s clear this “funny women” meme is forced. And nobody really believes it.

Their subject matter never strays too far from “muh vagina,” their periods, what big whores they are, how their life is a mess or how much men suck. They try too hard to act like men, but never come close to even the hackiest male comedian. It’s just a pathetic waste of everyone’s time.

Another tendency they have is making asinine political statements. They’re not even good at what they’re known for and yet they think people wants to hear their take on societal issues. Newsflash: we don’t.

Queef jokes and super-brave political stances? How can one person be so versatile?

Despite living life on the edge, what with being a truth teller for talking about how liberating life as a childless, alcoholic cum dumpster is, even these courageous comediennes have to draw the line somewhere.

Jewish TV host and alleged comedienne Chelsea Handler saw a news story where two Chinamen were not adequately reverent of the Lampshade Bonanza during a visit to Germany. And she took to Twitter to let her voice as a brave womyn be heard!

Wow! Such a bold stance to take.

It’s kind of odd that a comedian would be calling to censor free speech. They tend to posture themselves as freedom fighters that stand up for the right to say anything, no matter how offensive it might be MAAAAAAN!

Gone too soon: America just couldn’t handle the raw edginess of your dick jokes and rebellious middle-school worldview MAAAAN!

Could the fact that the horse-faced Handler is Jewish have anything to do with her desire to punish people for stating opinions she doesn’t like? Those people have a tendency to do that.

When will you goyim learn?

Handler was being hypocritical – she has a history of making racially charged jokes. Some people thought this was a good point to hammer on.

They forgot to take one thing into consideration: she is Chosen. Rules are for gentiles, silly goyim!

Odds are this loudmouth yid won’t face any backlash, which is a real shame considering what a toxic influence she is on American white women. Her show on the E! Network (now on NetanyahuFlix) was quite popular with that demographic and it’s clear that, like Miss Piggy-lookalike Amy Schumer in the movie Trainwreck, Handler is put up as sort of a role model for the modern white woman.

Whether it’s the promotion of a vapid, empty existence as an alcoholic whore riding the cock carousel…

Look at that (((glowing review))) of her skank diary.

Sleeping with primates…

Or living the child-free life…

It’s no coincidence the Jews pick these yentas with bleach-blonde hair to push this corrosive message and market it towards the “liberated” women of the West. And they are definitely eating it up.

If you have wife or girlfriend that enjoys this garbage, you really have to start asking yourself some questions. Either get your house in order or you’ll regret it, big time!

Only one solution here tbh fam.