Unemployed H-1B Workers Demand They be Allowed to Stay in the US Because of Coronavirus

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Pictured: what the average worker will look like in future America.

The entitlement of these foreigners is unbelievable.

Everything is collapsing and they’re asking the American government to protect them over Americans.


Indian H-1B workers are lobbying the White House for rules to help them stay in the United States until the economy recovers from the coronavirus crash.

Federal rules require unemployed H-1B visa workers to leave the United States in 60 days after they lose their jobs. This 60-day rule was not a problem before the coronavirus, partly because fired H-1B workers could simply get new jobs from Indian-run outsourcing companies.

But the crash has caused so many job losses that many H-1B workers — most of whom are Indian — need more time to find jobs that will keep them in the United States. The job losses are also a crisis for many Indian-run contractors and subcontractors that take huge commissions from the H-1B contracts signed by Fortune 500 companies.

We request the government to temporarily extend the 60-Day grace period to 180 days and protect the H1B workers under these difficult times. Thank you!,” says a White House petition signed by almost 20,000 people.  The petition was created by an Indian H-1B employer in New Jersey, and it says:

The Covid-19 situation is getting worse with massive lay-offs expected. The economic conditions may have a significant impact on H1B Workers.

Under regulations, H1B workers have a 60-Day grace period of unemployment time during each authorized validity period to stay in the USA legally. They must find new work within 60 days; otherwise, they have to leave the country. Most H1B workers are from India and can not travel home with children who are U.S Citizens as many nations announced an entry ban, including India.

H1B workers cater to the economy at large, mainly supporting the I.T Industry with high tax contributions.

If the DHS actually enforces the 60-day rule, many H-1Bs will have to go home. Their departure would help American graduates find jobs once the economy recovers in the fall.

They have to go back.

They have yet to go back, Donald.

Also, they have to stop coming.

Bringing foreign workers into America, no matter the excuse, sends a clear signal to the American people.

It tells them that foreign workers are better for the American economy than American workers.