Undocumented Migrants are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, aka Criminal Invaders

Rufus Deira
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2014


The mainstream media is a distorter of reality, which uses the manipulation of language to push propaganda lies.

The UK Daily Mail has reported an encouraging story about US citizens blockading buses carrying criminal invaders of all ages, demanding that these parasites are not allowed to cross into the USA.  The Daily Mail has twisted the facts, to reclassify the illegal immigrant vermin as ‘undocumented migrants’, which implies that they are merely people migrating to another country, who simply don’t yet have the necessary paperwork!  This is a lie: the reason that they don’t have legal documents is that they are criminal invading scum, who are breaking into another people’s homeland, just as a burglar breaks into other people’s homes.

The Daily Mail has added further emotional emphasis to its distortion of reality by stating that the people flooding into the USA are ‘undocumented migrant children and their families’.  Did you see the emphasis there?  Yes, the people who the horrible protesters object to are children!  How could anyone object to little babies who have never done any harm to anyone?  How?  By simply pointing out the age of the invaders doesn’t make any difference – they are invaders who are invading an other people’s land, to steal work, benefits, food, housing and everything else which they have no right to.

Hey, How can you object to this, after all, its just a harmless child.
Hey, How can you object to this, after all, its just a harmless child.

Another favourite tactic of the media is to shew ‘children’ throwing stones at the army or police, and wailing when they have their heads cracked for their criminal behaviour.  It is as if there is a timescale in which children can do whatever they are made to do by adults, and anyone who objects is a nasty ‘hater’ and should be silenced.  Whether it is immigrant children used as a advanced party to gain a beachhead for their invader families, or children throwing stones at the authorities in order to provoke a reaction which can then be used as psychological warfare propaganda, or children who have had their minds wrecked by superstitious drivel and their bodies raped by adults who fit them with explosives to murder their enemies, it doesn’t matter.  Those who are not of the nation, have no business being in the nation, and whether they are babies, children, teens, adults or geriatrics, makes no difference whatsoever.

On this 4th of July, the Americans who are defying the traitors in Washington DC deserve the support of all people in every nation who are struggling to fight off the global movement of people which is designed to mongrelise the world and destroy all opposition to the global slave state.

For more of the Daily Mail’s lies, visit the following link:

Take note of the carefully manipulated imagery which portray the invaders in a  positive light and the resistance as bad ‘child-hating’ people, who are intent upon breaking up families by not allowing the entire Third World to flood across the sovereign and sacred borders of the nation!  The story is about the USA; it could be about any country of European origin.

There has been more immigration into Britain than into any other European country over the last two years.