Understanding What Real National Socialist Women Really Want from Men

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

This picture of a Slavic fetish model proves that women are capable of developing complex belief systems and the only reason that they do everything the Jews tell them to is because white men failed to cater a message to them.

As everyone knows, white Aryan Princesses are equal to men.

Forget the last 1500 years of European history, that was all just bullshit. The one really good thing the Jews did was destroy Christianity and liberate women.

I mean, have you MGTOW betas ever even heard of shield maidens?

We have to stop these MGTOW losers who masturbate to anime from turning the TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALISM movement into an anti-women man-haters club like from Little Rascals.

We need more WHITE KNIGHTS protecting our ARYAN PRINCESSES.

The reason women are so messed up lately is of course the fault of white men – because the Alt-Right is not TRUE NS and they think “traditional gender roles” are the Christian patriarchy, when actual traditional gender roles are some Roman documents written about German primitives living forests before the fall of Rome!

Another Slavic paid professional model to drive the point home that any man who doesn’t believe in feminism is a MGTOW loser. Because anyone who knows any man who gets laid a lot knows that the kind of men who get laid a lot have super-respect for women and are hardcore feminists who believe that women are intellectuals and can offer real political guidance to the right-wing ala TRUE NS. This means that any man who doesn’t respect women are real intellectual geniuses must be a virgin anime masturbator, because anyone who has spent time around women knows how intelligent they truly are.

I just can’t stand these MGTOW pathetic men who are such losers that they can’t even get a girlfriend but somehow think they understand women.

We need a real message that really appeals to women, and to have that kind of a message, we need to understand what traditional women who are fashy and TRUE NS (the Alt-Right is not real NS, it is all gays and race-mixers – real NS is feminist and sooooo much more edgy – like, if you join TRUE NS, you can throw away that razor baby because you’re going to be shaving with your belief system).

Alt-Right is just a bunch of losers who don’t understand TRUE NS feminism.

Aryan Princesses want men who listen to them, and do what they’re told. That’s what all real European cultures did before the Semitic religion of Christianity oppressed shield maidens.

A real man treats a woman like an equal, because that’s what women truly crave on a biological level. Evolutionary psychology is just a Jewish trick. TRUE NS knows that because of shield maidens, women and men are exactly equal, and women are real intellectuals, and the only reason that they’ve never invented anything or produced virtually any relevant work of art in pretty much all of history is that they were being oppressed by the Christian patriarchy.

So it’s time we began catering our message to real white women. We need to get them involved in politics, and let them rule over us.

After all, that’s the main reason why the WN movement of the 90s and 00s was so successful (and why the Alt-Right is such a failure and no one even takes it seriously) – because the boomers were smart enough to let themselves be patrolled, monitored, directed and controlled by women.

So let’s understand what Aryan Princesses truly want.

We’ll start with this picture from Instagram.

The new slogan of DS: “Check your privilege, CIS white – it’s time for Aryan Princesses to run the Alt-Right.”