Undercover Cop Breaking Out Windows in Minneapolis?

Jimmy Dore has covered the fact that it appears that a white man who was breaking out windows in Minneapolis on Thursday night is an undercover cop. This video was going around on Friday, and Dore has put it together with the facts surrounding it.

Here’s the raw video.

We have alleged texts from his ex-wife saying it’s him.

Of course, who knows? Might or might not be real.

The cops are saying it’s fake. But they would say that, wouldn’t they?

The fact that the cops are willing to openly refuse to stop these riots makes me believe that they would just as easily be willing to start them.

Other blacks have said that it is undercover cops that are inciting the riots and starting the fires.

Of course, we know that blacks are prone to promoting conspiracy theories, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

We know for an absolute fact that the cops are trying to stir up as much violence and destruction as possible in Minneapolis, given that they have refused to stop the riots and have ordered officers to pull out of the city and let the blacks destroy everything.

In my view, this is a gigantic police state hoax, designed to create a state of chaos that will then justify extreme police action, and it is certainly logical that the cops would be doing this by engaging in violence themselves.

We have known for a long time that antifa is controlled by the FBI, and they are all out there doing all of this violence. They are the ones really inciting all of the madness. The blacks are primarily there just to steal things.

This is all a gigantic hoax.


Snopes already has a page up on this.

It was really quick for them to organize all of this and say it’s fake. Almost like they were tipped-off beforehand that a lot of people on the internet would be accusing cops of starting these riots.