Dutch Schoolgirls Sex Trafficked by the Thousands by Moslems? Imagine Moy Shawk.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

White women may no longer make good wives and mothers. But they do make good sex slaves for entrepreneurial Islamic New Dutchmen.

You see, the thing about this is…

The thing that you really need to understand is…

If we talk about the fact that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands, give it too much media attention, it will make people racist against Moslems because it will make them think that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands.

And you know what the real problem here is, don’t you?

It’s education.

If I wouldn’t have had my 9th grade 3 times weekly class on why it is bad to sex traffic underage girls, I have no doubt that I myself would be running a sex trafficking gang, giving drugs to little girls, then gang-raping them, then pimping them out while keeping them drugged-up and threatening to kill them if they told anyone what was going on.

In Moslem countries, they don’t have these classes because of the Crusades and colonialism destroying their education systems.

So what do you expect is going to happen?


Every year more than one thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and then blackmailed into sex slavery by young pimps with migrant backgrounds, an investigation has revealed.

With gifts, drink, and drugs, so-called ‘loverboys’ will seduce a girl into agreeing to become his sex partner before taking pictures or video footage of the encounter which will then be used as leverage to force her into prostitution, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.

“These men are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Caribbeans, and Roma. The lion’s share of them have a migrant background,” said Gideon van Aartsen from Watch Nederland, an initiative which coordinates with the nation’s police on efforts to fight child sexual exploitation (CSE).

“Lion’s share.”

Implying there are white Dutchmen doing this, lol.

They don’t do it because they have the education. 

They’ve taken the requisite and required “Why You Shouldn’t Sex Traffic Little Girls” class in school.

He told the newspaper that selling sex with schoolgirls is a “lucrative trade” that can earn “up to 800 euros a day on a girl” for ‘loverboys’, most of whom are part of larger networks that are also involved in trafficking illegal drugs and weapons.

Annually around 1,400 Dutch minors fall victim to ‘loverboys’ — a term used in the country to refer to young men who lure underage teens into relationships then force them into the sex industry — according to police human trafficking experts Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps.

They said that with the advent of video smartphones it is no longer necessary for the men to have to convince victims that they’re in a relationship as used to be the case when grooming girls into sexual slavery.

“The seduction process takes only between a week and a fortnight now, when it used to take months,” said Huijps, explaining that girls are told they must either agree to work as a prostitute or else footage of them having sex will be uploaded to social media.

“Once they have a compromising video of you, that is enough for blackmail. Especially for young girls, whose parents do not know anything.”

Lamenting the cruelty and abuse to which trafficked girls are subjected, van Aartsen told Algemeen Dagblad: “These girls, who are just minors, are given orders like ‘make sure you bring three [female] friends, and I’ll let you get away with f***ing five men fewer each day.’”

Well, I guess the Crusaders who destroyed their countries must have spared their business schools for some reason…

So-called loverboys have also been known to make their victims roll a die, and then force her to see that many customers before the end of the day, he added.

As is the case with many victims of the predominantly Muslim grooming gangs who prey on underage girls in towns including Rotherham and Oxford across the UK, girls who fall victim to ‘loverboys’ in the Netherlands are “largely, but not always, vulnerable women from a lower social class and who have an unstable home life”, according to the report.

It’s a real shame that due to the Crusades and so on, some Dutch girls are experiencing these things.

The good news is, a lot of Dutch girls’ lives have been greatly improved by the mass transfer of third world populations into their countries.

For instance, they are no longer required to date feminine Dutch men.