Uncle Tom Blames White Men for Queer Jew Bryan Singer Getting Away with Molesting Boys

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer 
December 7, 2017

The fact that queer Jew Bryan Singer likes little boys is an open and accepted fact in Hollywood.

According to a homosexual Jew’s coon named Ira Madison III, this is because white men run the movie industry!

Now, seriously speaking, even Roofus the Cisco-drinking black hobo knows Jews run Hollywood. Ira knows this as well. In fact, Lord Ira the III’s publication, The Daily Beast, is controlled by (((Barry Diller))) and (((Joey Levin))) at IAC.

This new brand of media-promoted black demagogue exists specifically to tell their fellow blacks that things powerful Jewish men do to America are actually the work of every day white people walking down the street. Ira the Jew’s Coon is to his fellow niggas what Ben Shapiro is meant to be to (((fellow whites))).

The Daily Beast:

When Jessica Chastain tweeted, “Let us not forget,” before linking to an article about Bryan Singer’s past sexual-assault allegations, who could’ve imagined that he’d soon be fired for a completely unrelated offense?

On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Singer has been fired from directing the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek. It comes following reports of repeated absences from the set, which were explained away as “a personal health matter” and “unexpected availability,” according to different outlets.

Whatever the real reason, Singer hadn’t returned to the set since Thanksgiving, which led to his dismissal from the film. However, THR revealed today that there was far more drama on the set than unplanned absences. After Malek complained to the studio of Singer’s absence on set, they reportedly had a confrontation in which Singer threw an object at him. Amidst this, the actor Tom Hollander is alleged to have quit the production and had to be persuaded to return. During Singer’s sabbatical, cinematographer Thomas Newton Sigel directed to keep the film on schedule.

If you want an egregious example of the type of privilege afforded to white men in Hollywood, look no further than Singer’s career. Instances like this on set would get almost anyone fired, but this isn’t even the first time Singer has been unreliable and unprofessional on set.

All of the people Kang Ira III is implying are conspiring to hide Singer’s homo-pedophilia are Jews. This is the behavior of Jewish gangsters who run our media, not average white folks.

If I witnessed someone raping little boys, my first instinct would be to kick the shit out of him. The same is true for Mickey the bartender, John the construction worker, Joe the electrician, Pete the farmer.

Even most white collar white workers would at the very least anonymously report it to the police.

Isn’t it something that this kind of behavior only thrives in environments where Jews have all the power? Movie directors, corporate CEOs, journalists, politics, TV people.

Ira III ain’t a real Kang. He nuffin’ but a batty boy. If he’s willing to cover up the obvious truth that Jews run Hollywood, Ira too is willing to cover for the Jews and fags in his own industry (probably his own publication) that like to sexually abuse “twinks.”