Unborn Babies Can Feel “Something Like Pain” Before the 24-Week Abortion Limit, Scientists Say

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

Imagine demanding a “right” to murder your own infant children.

If tiny babies didn’t want to feel pain, they shouldn’t have broken into a woman’s womb against her will.

Let’s not forget that entering a woman without her consent is literally rape.

Should we feel bad about miniature rapists feeling pain?

Daily Mail:

Unborn babies may be able to feel pain before reaching 24 weeks, say scientists – meaning they could suffer as they are being aborted.

Until now, the consensus of medical opinion has been that foetuses cannot feel pain before 24 weeks’ gestation, after which abortion is illegal in Britain except in special cases.

But two medical researchers, including a ‘pro-choice’ British pain expert who used to think there was no chance foetuses could feel pain that early, say recent studies strongly suggest the assumption is incorrect.

The studies indicate unborn babies might be able to feel ‘something like painas early as 13 weeks, they say.

Here’s a fetal development chart from the CDC website to give you an idea of what a 12-week-old baby looks like:

So much for “a clump of cells.”

Women going for abortions who have reached this stage of pregnancy should be told the foetus could experience pain while being terminated, they argue. And medical staff should ask if the woman wants it to be given pain relief.

To carry on regardless of new evidence ‘flirts with moral recklessness’, they write in the influential Journal of Medical Ethics.

Yeah, let’s not rethink the whole sacrificing babies to Moloch thing and just give the little clumps of cells some painkillers to deal with whatever being ripped apart makes them feel.

We wouldn’t want women to lose the right to not be raped, would we?

Last night, anti-abortionists said the scientists’ claims should change attitudes towards abortion and the practice of it – suggestions that were swiftly rejected by the country’s biggest abortion provider, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

The lead author of the controversial article is British professor Stuart Derbyshire, who has acted as a consultant to the Pro-Choice Forum in the UK and Planned Parenthood, a leading American pro-choice organisation.

In 2006, he wrote in the British Medical Journal that avoiding talking to women seeking abortions about foetal pain was ‘sound policy based on good evidence that foetuses cannot experience pain’.

But in the JME article, he and American medic John Bockmann say there is now ‘good evidence’ that the brain and nervous system are sufficiently wired up by 18 weeks for the foetus to feel pain.

Specifically, it has been thought that the cortex, the outer brain layer that deals with sensory information, is not developed enough for pain to register.

As a result, ‘many medical bodies… state that pain is not possible before 24 weeks’ gestation’. However, recent studies clearly show ‘that the consensus is no longer valid’, they argue.

One study found an adult with an extensively damaged cortex could still feel pain.

The two medics say their own ‘stark differences’ on the morality of abortion ‘should not interfere with discussion of whether foetal pain is possible’.

Professor Derbyshire and Dr Bockmann advise: ‘Given the evidence that the foetus might be able to experience something like pain during later abortions, it seems reasonable that the clinical team and the pregnant woman are encouraged to consider foetal analgesia [pain relief].’

“Let’s give pain relief to babies before we rip them apart” sounds like an evil proposition, but it’s actually empowering to women, so it’s good.

Empowering women is good.

It brings good things.

The real victims here, though, are not the babies being killed but the ethical vegans that will now have to rethink their whole “not being cruel to animals” philosophy in order to continue to support abortions now that they know that the practice inflicts pain.

If vegans don’t come up with a good explanation for why inflicting pain on babies and killing them is okay but inflicting pain on cows and killing them is not, they would have to start making protests demanding the end of abortion.