Unarmed Black Teen Punches Old White Woman in the Face

Daily Stormer
October 21, 2015

He did it because the bitch got him fucked up.

He didn’t do nothing.


Thug Teens Sickening Knockout On A Helpless Woman…This attack occurred on October 17th in Browns Park in Atlantic City. Two young black males are involved in what appears to be an unprovoked attack on an older white female who is sitting down. One of them is videotaping the incident and egging the other one on. The other screams abuse at the woman and then hits her in the temple with a haymaker. The woman is knocked unconscious and the pair laugh gleefully.

Then the attacker remains standing by the unconscious woman and brags about the assault while the cameraman continues laughing. Numerous bystanders seem unfazed by the assault, as if it was a normal everyday occurrence. The attackers don’t run away and no one tries to intervene.

The victim is a 45 year old homeless woman who was in critical condition when she arrived at an Atlantic City hospital. A spokesman for the police says she suffered serious head trauma and is still in serious but stable condition.

Twenty-five year old Ibn Hunter was arrested this morning and charged with aggravated assault…No Water Mark 😉