UN Trying to Force the Jewish System on Israel

Wow, the UN is really trying to Jew over Israel.

It is amazing the way they are trying to kike them like this, by saying they can’t protect the purity of their race.


Tel Aviv has formally responded to the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s plans to investigate possible war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories, claiming the tribunal does not have jurisdiction over Israel.

“Israel has decided to respond to the notice sent by the ICC and make clear it is acting without having the jurisdiction to do so,” the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in a statement carried by Israeli media on Thursday.

“Moreover, it should be noted that Israel is a law-abiding country that is capable of carrying out its own investigation.”

Israel had been given until April 9 to respond to an ICC notification letter sent on March 9 and was required to say whether it would launch its own investigation into potential war crimes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

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The Jewish state is not party to the Rome Statute that created the Hague-based court, which investigates serious crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity.

The Palestinians have said they will cooperate with the ICC and have sent a formal response to the court on the issue.

ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said last month the court would investigate alleged war crimes going back to 2014, when violent conflict erupted between the Israeli military and Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

There is nothing more Jewish than attempting to force a country to be multicultural, but Israel will never call out the UN as a bunch of yid fiends – they’re too afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism and having all their websites and bank accounts shut down.