UN Tells Netherlands to Shut Down Black Pete

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2015

Shut. It. Down.
Shut. It. Down.

So, yeah – the UN is now ordering countries how to celebrate holidays.

Because they have to stop the hatred.


“Black Pete” is an assistant of Saint Nicholas, usually portrayed by white people who paint their faces and wear afro wigs during the Dutch holiday season. The custom is controversial topic in the Dutch society, which is usually seen as open and tolerant.

The character was sometimes protrayed in a way that “reflects negative stereotypes,” the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said in a new report.

“[The stereotypes] are experienced by many people of African descent as a vestige of slavery,” the report said.

“Considering that even deeply rooted cultural traditions do not justify discriminatory practices and stereotypes, the committee recommends that the state promotes actively removing these characteristics that reflect negative stereotypes,” it added.

The supporters of Black Pete reject the accusations of racism, saying that the character has a black face from the soot while coming down the chimney and helping Saint Nicholas give out toys.

In response to the UN report, The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said that the fate of “Black Pete” is a social issue and not up to his government.

“Guys. Folk traditions, come on. What Christmas songs you should sing, how you celebrate Christmas and Easter – this isn’t what politics is about,” he told reporters in The Hague.

The UN committee does not have the power to enforce its recommendations. However, the body’s comments are sure to heat up the debate surrounding the controversial Dutch custom.

Wow, the UN doesn’t have the power to tell individual citizens of the Netherlands how they should celebrate Christmas?

Why shouldn’t they have that power?

Last year, the Council of State in Amsterdam ruled in favor of “Black Pete.” The highest administrative court in the Netherlands thus overruled a verdict of a lower court, which stated that the character should be banned from public festivities.

But a court actually did weigh this issue. Yep. Happened. Please take note that your cultural traditions are now subject to anti-racism legislation.

And eventually they will ban it. Of course they will.

Black should stop complaining, as Black Pete is in fact a positive representation of them. Instead of raping and robbing, like real life Blacks do, this character brings happiness to children.

Black Santa kicks in your front door, steals your presents and rapes your wife.
Black Santa kicks in your front door, steals your presents and rapes your wife.


  1. In the first picture above, that is the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen!

  2. People who don’t have problems make themselves problems.

  3. This is the height of gd nerve don’t ya think? Black Pete should be a man and say No, Period.

  4. That’s strange. I don’t recall The UN preventing the release of a movie where two blacks dressed as ‘white girls’

  5. If the negros have the right to complain about Black Pete impersonated by whites, then shouldn’t we be have the right to complain about Santa being portrayed as a negro? The double standards of Jewish-born enthocentrism never cease.

  6. Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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  7. I read a Dutch magazine article when I was in Amsterdam a few years back, and it was in defense of Black Peter. The second line in the article was “Black Peter is not a negro.” I chuckled and thought, of course he isn’t, he has a job.

  8. Netherlands ahead of their times with Sinterklaus. They are eagerly anticipating when UN and World Zionism complete plans for popn replacement in Northern Europe. At such time the color of things will be changed to suit the pop’n.

  9. That picture…. even her Aryan beauty shines through the false skin tone lol.

  10. wesley reddington

    i wonder why they call it black Friday they’ll start calling Christmas blackmas

    • It’s an accounting term. They make most of their money on that day, gets them out of the ‘red’ and into the ‘black’. (Accounting Major until I realized how much corporate accounting is a fraud.)

  11. This is what happens when people use the word “black” to describe Negroes. Negro and Black are not synonymous. He’s called Black Pete because he got dirty. His name isn’t Nigger Pete.

  12. The Zionist Lévy is demanding Europe open its doors to Africa because the migrants ”

    lovers of our promised land, our social model, and our values.” https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/european-migrant-crisis-by-bernard-henri-levy-2015-08

    A transparent Tribalist ploy.

  13. Bill the Butcher

    Anyone see any good Minstrel Shows lately?

  14. Niggers are so stupid, they are only capable of destroying any culture they come into contact with.

  15. Think they need another zwarte piet with electric signs that will get them and kick them back to Africa were they belong.

  16. What did the black kid get for christmas? Your bike.

    How do you know Father Christmas is white? because he comes down the chimney and leaves stuff, not comes down the chimney and takes stuff.

  17. What did the black kid get for christmas? Your bike.

    How do you know Father Christmas is white? because he comes down the chimney and leaves stuff, not comes down the chimney and takes stuff.

  18. The Daily Stormer

    ” the character has a black face from the soot while coming down the chimney” – So, the Dutch admit to their chimneys being dirty? When pressed, I’m sure they’ll cave in on a whole lot of other stuff. While we wait for that to happen, here’s something inspirational, to counter all this negativity.


  19. Is that E-40 dressed as Santa?

  20. Born and raised in the netherlands.

    I’m half Black half White so maybe its not smart to be here…idk but i saw this article and would like to comment that growing up as a little girl EVERYBODY was font of Black Pete ( zwarte piet ) and the children did not see anything racist about it.

    I asked my father who is black years back what he thought about it ( and yes my parents are still together Crazy huh ? ..sarcasm) and he said that its a tradition thing. that if we would take away black Pete that would be a bummer for the children.

    but at least 85% of Dutch people of all sorts of ethnicities dont have a problem with black Pete, it just comes up every year around november and is out of peoples minds by Januari

  21. In European medieval culture, the image of the black man represented luck. During the 18th century era of empires and slavery, the image of the black man was depicted in order to illustrate human emancipation among Europeans. After the emancipation of slaves in Europe, the cultural use of the image became darker – it represented primitivity and backwardness. Nowadays, in this free and enlightened era, the image of black people among Europeans has deteriorated further, it seems. Black Pete is a celebration of the oldest sense, rather than the Gibsmedats.

  22. Blacks should have nothing to do with Christmas. Christmas is about giving. Blacks are only about taking.

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