UN Secretary General Calls for Massive Crackdown on Internet Freedom

The head of the United Nations is calling for a crackdown on free speech on the internet, claiming that the ability for people to choose what they believe is a “pandemic.”

This guy is almost as bad as the Pope!

The Independent:

UN Secretary General António Guterres has issued a stark warning about increased dependence on digital technology, which he claims is heightening vulnerability to harm and abuse – particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in a UN web summit, Mr Guterres said “health and lives” have been put “at risk” by “the shadow pandemic of misinformation about Covid‑19”.

With a Covid vaccine to be disseminated across the UK within the next few days, and other countries with their own vaccines in the final stages of testing, a major concern from Mr Guterres is the interaction between conspiracy theories and public opinion on inoculations.

Mr Guterres suggested conspiracy theories “threaten to reduce the uptake and effectiveness of vaccines that become available”.

The dangers of the world wide web are not limited to misinformation on Covid, however, with the talk also referencing the growing harms caused by “the proliferation of online hate speech, and the withdrawal into social echo chambers [that] will continue to undermine social cohesion and reduce trust in science, in institutions and in each other” as well as the online sexual harassment of women, girls, and children.

If you take just one step back, you find that it is a truly astonishing thing to claim that the free flow of information is going to “undermine social cohesion.”

This is a clear admission that either:

  • Our current social order is built on lies
  • The masses of people are incapable of distinguishing lies from truth, and thus must be monitored like children, or
  • Both

Whatever the case, it is an open surrender, a statement that the founding values of the United Nations have been defeated and we now have to go into a system of totalitarian thought control, instead of a system of freedom of conscience.

This would be a great prompt to write the thing I’ve been meaning to write where I examine the foundational doctrines of the United Nations and show that they’ve been completely disregarded.

Again: I don’t believe in this liberal democracy utopian dream, but regardless if people believe or not, it is clear that it is not what the current incarnation of the globalist system is actually promoting. Originally, free speech and free thought were considered fundamental to liberal democracy.

Now, they’re saying the opposite: that freedom of thought is a core threat.

The mask is already off.

No system has ever moved into less freedom only then to move back into more freedom. The progression away from freedom is a one way street.