UN Says Everyone Will Die in Climate Apocalypse Unless Unprecedented Action is Taken

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2019

The world is going to end for real this time if people don’t take drastic measures, according to the United Nations.

Daily Mail:

The world ‘will miss its chance to avert climate disaster’ without an almost impossible fall in fossil fuel emissions, the United Nations warned today.

The UN Environment Programme said global emissions need to fall by 7.6 percent, each year, every year until 2030 to limit global temperature rises to 1.5C.

But emissions have continued to soar, smashing a record 55.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2018 – three years after 195 countries signed the Paris treaty on climate change.

‘We are failing to curb greenhouse gas emissions,’ UNEP’s executive director, Inger Andersen said. ‘Unless we take urgent action now and make very significant cuts to global emissions we’re going to miss the target of 1.5C.’

Imagining for a second that all white countries suddenly went full Amish at the same time, how do they expect to prevent the rest of the world from continuing to use fossil fuels?

How are they going to enforce a cut on global carbon emissions without generating carbon emissions?

How is this going to work if the only people on board with it are the ones who give up their power?

They should propose realistic plans to save the planet.

The realistic plan that I propose to save the planet is for white countries to unite and conquer the rest of the world. Once white people are in charge of everything, there’ll be a clear path towards moving away from fossil fuels because we’d first enforce the Amish lifestyle on everyone else, to make sure that no one escapes or rebels against it.

It will be like the old times, but better.

The World Meterological Organization said Monday that atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations hit an all-time record in 2018.

The Paris deal committed nations to limit temperature rises above pre-industrial levels to ‘well below’ 2C, and to a safer 1.5-C if at all possible.

To do so they agreed on the need to reduce emissions and work towards a low-carbon world within decades.

Yet the UN found that even taking into account current Paris pledges, the world is on track for a 3.2C temperature rise, something scientists fear could tear at the fabric of society.

Even if every country made good on its promises, Earth’s ‘carbon budget’ for a 1.5-C rise – the amount we can emit to stay below a certain temperature threshold – would be exhausted within a decade.

In its own words, the UN assessment is ‘bleak’.

While it insisted the 1.5-C goal is still attainable, it acknowledged that this would require an unprecedented, coordinated upheaval of a global economy that is still fuelled overwhelmingly by oil- and gas-fuelled growth.

The Emissions Gap report, now in its tenth year, also details the cost of a decade of government inaction.

Had serious climate action begun in 2010, just after the Copenhagen summit that breathed new life into the debate, annual needed emissions cuts would be 0.7 percent for 2C of warming and 3.3 percent for 1.5C.

’10 years of climate procrastination has led us to where we are today,’ said executive director Andersen.

The report highlighted specific ‘opportunities’ for big emitters to push their economies into line with the Paris goals.

While advice varies between countries, the theme is clear: completely phase out coal, significantly pare back oil and gas, and dramatically build up renewable energy.

G20 nations were singled out as laggards: although they produce around 78 percent of all emissions, only 15 rich nations have outlined plans to reach net-zero.

That turning point should have come years ago, said Alden Meyer, director of policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

We are not running out of time – we are already out of time,’ he told AFP.

The report said emissions would need to drop 55 percent by 2030 to stay on a 1.5C track – an unprecedented fall at a time of sustained global growth.

They have to keep in mind that even if all white countries stopped their emissions, the rest of the world would continue to increase theirs until the cut made by white countries becomes useless.

Climate Empress Greta Thunberg herself acknowledges that other countries will increase their emissions while whites go full Amish, but her official stance is that that is okay because the rest of the world should be able to “catch up” with white countries.

That is obviously not okay. These climate cultists are using climate change and the idea of saving the planet as an excuse to kill themselves.

They are a suicide cult.

They talk about overpopulation but never mention the color of the overpopulation.

They talk about pollution but never mention the color of the polluters.

They talk about cutting carbon emissions but never mention how they plan to force the rest of the world to do it because their actual goal isn’t to save the planet, save the future, nor to save anything.

Their goal is for white people to die.