UN Puts Jewish Woman in Charge of UNESCO After Jews Threaten Them

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2017

A dominant myth in the West is that Jews are uniquely smart or talented. Pictured above is Israeli ambassador Shama-Hacohen getting in people’s faces at an UNESCO meeting for not doing exactly what Jews demand.

But they aren’t. Jews always get their way because they are gangsters who threaten others with engineered boycotts, terror and violence, and have the money and means to make good on these threats.

The United Nations heritage preservation arm, UNESCO, has been under fire from world Jewry for its designation of Hebron as a Palestinian cultural site. Hebron is populated largely by Palestinians, but Jews are sending colonists to ethnically cleanse the native people of the area. They demand that UNESCO provide an ideological foundation to legitimize this genocidal racial terror.

So far, UNESCO has resisted Israel’s demand, which has prompted Jews and their proxies to financially attack and boycott the organization.

It seems the pressure has gotten to the institution and it has now begrudgingly elected a Jewess known for her rabid Zionism as Director-General.

The Jews reporting on this are gloating about it.

Jewish Press:

What an amazing coincidence! The UNESCO Executive Board’s selection of Audrey Azoulay, a Jewish woman, over a Qatari candidate came the day after the United States announced that it intends to pull out of UNESCO because of its alleged anti-Israel bias!

A former French culture minister, Audrey Azoulay was among nine candidates seeking to succeed Irina Bokova as Director-General. She ran against Qatar’s Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kawari in an unusually heated vote that was overshadowed by Middle East tensions.

The news rocked a weeklong election already marked by geopolitical resentments, concerns about the Paris-based agency’s dwindling funding and questions about its future purpose.

Audrey Azoulay was selected as Director-General of UNESCO, and her candidacy will be presented for approval at the UN General Assembly on November 10.

French Culture Minister Azoulay was born in Paris to a Moroccan Jewish family from Essaouira, the city of Mogador. Her father, André Azoulay, is the current adviser to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Her mother, Katia Brami, has written two books about Mogador, the Moroccan city of her birth.

In a shocking move, UNESCO’s Executive Board voted 30 to 28 in favor of the Jew Azoulay against the Arab Abdulaziz al-Kawari!

So in other words, UNESCO has resigned itself to becoming yet another global institution dedicated exclusively to rationalizing Judah’s irrational and delusional whims. All because it needs Jewish money and media to stop sabotaging its mission.

But if the prejudiced and unscientific opinions of .0001% of humanity is the sole qualification for how sites get classified, what is the point?

“What is the point” is the question Goyim have been asking about Jew institutions masquerading as something else for a while now. The bugman clique in our think-tanks and media warn that this erosion of faith in “institutions” is bad for “democracy” – well, if that’s the case, why not have them do something other than be instruments of Jewish aggression against whites, Palestinians, Iranians, etc?