UN Predicts “Famine of Biblical Proportions” as a Result of Forced Economic Collapse

The UN is now claiming that the “pandemic” is going to lead to widespread famine.

Please understand: the pandemic has not led to anything. What is going to lead to widespread famine, among incalculable other catastrophic consequences, is the lockdown.

Understand this: no one, anywhere, didn’t know about these consequences.

They did this on purpose.

And they did it while chanting that it was all about saving lives.


If the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t wreaked enough havoc in the world already, things are going to get a lot worse, if the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) is to be believed. According to this body, which tries to deal with food shortages around the globe, the number of people unable to earn enough to feed themselves will cause a huge spike in malnutrition by the end of this year.

“All the data we have, including WFP, forecast that the number of people experiencing malnutrition will grow by 80 percent by the end of the year, … (this) points to a real disaster,” the Executive Director of WFP David Beasley said.

Long-term problems

This would only be the primary effect of COVID-19 on those sections of the society who are vulnerable to food shortage. Beasley explained that the long-term effects of the disruption caused by the pandemic will aggravate the situation even more in the coming years.

“Obviously social tensions will grow, migration will increase, conflicts will escalate and hunger will likely affect those who didn’t experience it before,” the top UN official warned. This will have devastating consequences. “Many will die, children will suffer from the consequences of malnutrition for many years, and the world will lose all the progress made in fighting hunger over the past decade,” he added in an interaction with Russian news agency TASS.

Most affected regions

WFP sees South America as the continent which will suffer the most due to the COVID-19-induced food shortages. The number of people suffering from malnourishment in that part of the world would increase by 269 percent. The second-worst affected regions would be Central and Eastern Asia where the rate of increase in malnutrition would be around 135 percent.

The notoriously poor and hunger-stricken sub-Saharan Africa wouldn’t be let off easily either. There, the number of ill-fed people would double.

Another already predicted this same thing. The British charity collective Oxfam also predicted it. Not that any thinking person would not just figure it out themselves. On its face, it is simply obvious that a shut down of the entire economy is going to cause mass poverty and that in the third world that will mean hunger and starvation.

But hey – just keep saying “IT’S ABOUT SAVING LIVES” over and over again. Because reality doesn’t matter. What matters is feeling good.

As of right now, I would not predict mass hunger in the United States or in Western Europe. We are going to have more problems than anyone can count, due to a complete collapse of the economy, which will involve a massive rise in homelessness, drug use, suicide, crime and everything else that goes along with an economic collapse.

We’ll also be at the same time dealing with all of these issues involving the cultural revolution. At a time when crime would skyrocket due to a rapid increase in poverty even if we were a high-trust society beforehand, they are planning to abolish the police. They have already effectively stopped punishing crime.

In May, New York released a gang member without bail after he was arrested for attempted murder.

He was on video shooting a gun at someone on the sidewalk.

But they released him, without bail. He went on to commit three drive-by shootings by August.

Moreover, in Maryland, a black who murdered a white man on video was released on probation this month. This effectively amounts to the legalization of racially motivated killings by blacks.

These are just two examples of stories that are making it from the local news media to my desk, and I doubt the local news media is reporting all of it. It is happening all over the country.

You see it with the riots: all of these people are on video doing all of this, but city, state and the federal government refuse to arrest and prosecute them for looting, burning, and so on.

You can imagine what this is going to look like when the stimulus money dries up and the majority of people in this country are going to be facing the very real threat of getting thrown out on the street.

It is possible we will have to worry about food shortages on top of all that. But right now, my thinking is that the government is going to make sure we are fed.

I do not believe they are going to feed us very well. We will probably be fed soy and carbohydrates that keep us physically and mentally weak.