UN Peacekeepers Fathered “Hundreds” of Kids with Child Prostitutes While Serving in Haiti

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2019

How can being sexually attracted to young Haitian girls be any different than being sexually attracted to female chimpanzees from a zoo?

If you put random chimpanzees in an enclosure and throw internet access, the white man’s knowledge, money, technology, food, and resources at them, the result will be no different than Haiti.

They’d be unable to do stuff on their own, they would reproduce like cockroaches, and they wouldn’t really know what to do to survive after being taken away from their natural habitat.

On what basis, then, can sex with blacks be considered any different than sex with chimpanzees?

Daily Mail:

Peacekeepers of the United Nations had ‘hundreds’ of babies with women in Haiti before abandoning the young mothers, a new report has claimed.

The study into the UN mission in the disaster-hit Caribbean country said girls as young as 11 were left pregnant after being sexually abused.

Some of the girls were traded for ‘a few coins’ in order to get food and would have sex with the peacekeepers so they could survive, the British academic-led study found.

After their children were born, the young mothers were left to a life of poverty, according to the Times.

After their children were born, the young mothers were left just as they were before their pregnancy, then.

Let’s not pretend that they weren’t already living in misery.

The problem of UN workers fathering children during the political upheaval in the wake of the 2010 earthquake became some bad locals even had a nickname for it.

Haitians have reportedly named the peacekeeper-fathered children as ‘Petit Minustah’, a play on the UN’s acronym – United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti – for their mission.

Sabine Lee, of the University of Birmingham, led the team that carried out more than 2,500 interviews with people living in Haiti near UN bases over a three-month period in 2017.

The study concluded that, ‘girls as young as 11 were sexually abused and impregnated by peacekeepers and…left in misery to raise their children alone’.

It would be more accurate to say that black females as young as 11 were impregnated by peacekeepers and left at the same place that they were before their pregnancy.

From their wording it isn’t clear if they’re outraged by the age of the black females or if they’re trying to shame the peacekeepers for not taking the little pregnant blacks with them once they were sent back to their countries of origin.

Soldiers from as many as 12 different countries, including Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Canada and France, were found to have impregnated local women, the report stated.

Lee said it was impossible to work out the exact number of peacekeeper babies but added that, ‘most researchers and NGO officials would agree that hundreds is a credible estimate’.

Can you blame them for not being able to resist the seductive charm of the black velvet though?

Absolutely disgusting.

The UN mission in Haiti is one of its longest peacekeeping deployments and the humanitarian effort has been dogged by controversy.

After the devastating earthquake, Nepalese soldiers inadvertently introduced a cholera outbreak that claimed 10,000 lives.


Maybe they should try just giving the blacks there some bows, arrows, spears, and watermelons and… just leaving them be.