UN Official Recalled from Gaza After Praising Jewish Bombings

Jews pictured torturing a goat to death in order to satiate the bloodlust of their satanic demon god. They also do this to Christian and Islamic children.

The United Nations has been issuing “resolutions” on Israel for 70 years. They have never been intended to mean anything.

Now you have a UN official specifically dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict who has said something totally in the reverse, and praised Israel.


The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees says it has recalled its Gaza director after he faced threats over remarks in which he appeared to praise Israel’s “huge sophistication” in carrying out precision strikes during last month’s Gaza war.

UNRWA, which provides essential health, education and other services in the territory, said late on Thursday that it was “seriously concerned” about the threats, including a “very large protest” outside its Gaza headquarters on Monday.

It said Gaza director Matthias Schmale and his deputy have been recalled to UNRWA’s headquarters in east Jerusalem for “consultations.” The agency cited media reports that “Palestinian factions” had declared Schmale and his deputy persona non grata in Gaza but said it received no formal notification to that effect.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12 TV last month, Schmale was asked about Israeli officials’ assertions that airstrikes carried out during the 11-day war with the territory’s militant Hamas rulers were “very precise.”

“I’m not a military expert but I would not dispute that,” Schmale replied, adding that there was “huge sophistication” in how Israel struck targets. But he also said colleagues told him the strikes were “much more vicious in their impact” than in the 2014 Gaza war.

Schmale later expressed regret over the remarks and said any civilian deaths were unacceptable.

“Many people were killed or have been severely injured by direct strikes or collateral damage from strikes,” he tweeted. “In a place as densely populated as Gaza, any strike will have huge damaging effects on people and buildings.”

His original remarks were widely circulated in Israeli media and online, where they were seized upon by Israel’s supporters as an endorsement of its conduct and provoked outrage among Palestinians.

Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes on Gaza during the 11-day war, in which Hamas and other militant groups fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel. At least 254 people were killed in Gaza, including 67 children and 39 women. according to the Gaza health ministry. Hamas has acknowledged the deaths of 80 militants. Twelve civilians, including two children, were killed in Israel, along with one soldier.

UNRWA provides essential services to some 5.7 million refugees in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They include Palestinians who fled or were driven out of what is now Israel during the 1948 war surrounding its creation and their descendants.

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The AP goes on to mention a Jewish attack on a charity marathon.

Late Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent said 23 runners were injured when Israeli police fired tear gas and stun grenades at an activist-organized marathon in solidarity with Palestinians in east Jerusalem threatened with evictions.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.

The race had started from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where dozens of Palestinians face evictions from their homes under a law allowing Jewish settlers to reclaim properties, and was to end in the nearby Silwan neighborhood.

One of the runners, Jalal Abu Khater, posted images of his bruised leg and tweeted: “I was beaten six times, attacked by Israeli forces, for running in my ancestral town & city.”

Six times he was beaten – during the course of one marathon! Some marathon runners stop to grab a bottle of water during a run – this guy was making stops to get beaten by the Jews! He gets up from one beating, starts to run again, then what’s that? More Jews to beat him!

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The media is acting like this is an issue of one quote taken out of context, but Schmale is clearly a Jewish plant at the UN. If you go through and look at what he’s been saying over the last month, he does nothing but shill for Jews and claim they’re not doing anything wrong.

He also claimed that the Jews didn’t cause any food shortages on purpose, even though they effectively admitted doing that – this is an IDF shill account quoting him.

It is sickening that the neocon American establishment claims that the UN is somehow “anti-Israel” when the exact opposite is true. Schmale is not some mastermind – he is just a functionary of the organization, pushing a narrative that comes from the top.

But Nikki Haley was out there during this war claiming that the UNWRA was “corrupt” and should be boycotted, divested and sanctioned.

Nimrata “Nikki Haley” Randhawa is also a social justice warrior and wants to inflict pain on white children as revenge for George Floyd.

It’s never been clear what she meant by “personal and painful,” but we can only assume it was something like this:

“Jews have a right to slaughter” and “whites must be punished for Saint George” are both positions held by both Republicans and Democrats in America.

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To the Jews and the Democrats and Republicans that serve them, we are all Palestinians.

The Jewish Death Machine is Indeed “Hugely Sophisticated”

The destruction in Gaza appeared wanton.

Of course, Schmale’s claim of “huge sophistication” is correct, just not how he meant them. Jews do purposefully target civilians, they purposefully target the media and hospitals, they purposefully target cultural institutions.

The signs at the demonstrations against him were pretty great. I’m a big fan of holding up pictures of someone’s face crossed out and also a major #GO_OUT respecter. Schmale_ should go_out. “You Are Unwelcomed Person” is a very catchy slogan.

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But Palestine #MaskingUp for their #GO_OUT protest is symbolic of the larger issue here: the direct targets of Jewish attacks continue to believe and live their lives based on different Jewish hoaxes.

Palestinian children probably watch Jewish Marvel Comics films to learn about female empowerment and “our values” as well.

These Jews are hugely sophisticated.