UN Migration Pact Would Bring 60 Million Brown People to Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

British MEP Janice Atkinson is claiming that the UN Compact on Migration would result in Europe being swamped with 59 million new migrants in the next 6 years.

Sixty-million brown people in Europe would pretty much completely destroy the last remnants of Western civilization.

At the same time, it would have virtually no impact whatsoever on global brown poverty.

Surely, the goal isn’t actually to destroy Europe? Surely, someone’s math must just be wrong?

Furthermore, though we’re hearing a lot about the Migrant Pact, the UN’s Refugee Pact – which is a totally separate suicide pact – is allegedly even worse.

Voice of Europe:

In parallel with the highly criticised migration pact, the UN has also prepared a refugee pact. Both these treaties are intended to be signed at the conference in Morocco on 10-11 December.

Even if the pact is not legally binding, it refers to obligations. Thus, a kind of soft laws that restrict the sovereignty of the countries. Some of the points included in the refugee pact are as follows:

-The refugee concept is extended to people affected by climate change and environmental destruction (paragraph 12).

-Every four years starting in 2019, a global refugee forum will check and produce an index for how each country has lived up to the agreement’s obligations (paragraphs 17-19).

-A global academic network with universities, academic associations and research institutes will be established to create opportunities for refugees for education, research and scholarships (paragraph 43).

-Promote a positive attitude towards refugees being transferred from one country to another (paragraph 90).

It is not only the UN that works actively to bring about changes in migration issues, but also the EU and other actors. A relevant element is the EU document which concerns the promotion of relocation of refugees within the Member States.

The treaty text of the UN refugee pact can be read in its entirety here.

Also worthy of note as they plan to flood us with these evil monsters: global poverty is actually continuing to drop worldwide, despite the insane birthrates of the monkeymen.

The only place it’s going up is Africa and seriously – what the hell is anyone supposed to do about black people being poor?

If white people are the global daddies of the brown world, then we should be occupying Africa and controlling the birthrate. Taking black people out of Africa does not slow their birthrate.

These people are like goddamn Tribbles.

Point being: bringing tens of millions of brown people to Europe does not improve the global situation. Anyone making that claim is simply trying to emotionally manipulate you.

So what is the thing then?

At some point, instead of talking about all of these side issues, someone needs to just come out and publicly start asking if there is a group of people purposefully trying to exterminate white people.

Because that certainly appears to simply be an obvious fact.

And if that is the case, who is doing it and for what purpose?