UN Demands That Taliban Give People Rights Westerners Don’t Have

I don’t think I can keep saying “this is insane.”

It’s hard to know what to say.

Everything is just totally nonsensical.

There is zero freedom of press in the United States. It has less freedom of press than any country ever in history. The USSR had a freer press, modern China has a much freer press.

But the West is worried about “freedom of the press” in Afghanistan?


Afghanistan follows Islamic law, and does not guarantee a freedom of the press. They are not violating their own rules. They’ve made no such promise.

Surely, if the West is concerned about freedom of the press, they should first deal with their own domestic situation before they even begin thinking about telling other countries to develop a free press?

The Taliban actually said this exact thing during the first press conference – their spokesman was asked about freedom of speech, and he said that they should go ask Facebook about that.

He was pointing out the absurdity of a country without any freedom of speech saying that his country must have freedom of speech.

If the West had freedom of speech, they could then go to Afghanistan and say “this is good for society, so we think you should have this policy, and we’d like to try to help you to develop it, if you are interested in it.” That would be reasonable. The Taliban could then decide what they think about the policy.

But when the US and the UN come in demanding the Taliban implement a policy that the US has decided they will not have in their own country, it is just nonsensical, and no serious person could possibly take it seriously.


The United Nations on Friday sounded the alarm over Taliban crackdowns on peaceful protests, many of them by women demanding equal rights, and journalists covering such events.

In one case, two Afghan video journalists were beaten with iron rods.


(To be clear, it appears as though the journalists were beaten because they were involved in the riot, not because they were journalists. But hey – let’s not let the truth get in the way of a narrative!)

Tagi Daryabi said he and a colleague were covering a protest earlier this week by women demanding their rights from Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers. Taliban fighters stopped the two journalists, bound their hands and dragged them away to a police station in Kabul’s District Three.

The 22-year-old photographer told The Associated Press that the first thing he heard in the station were screams from a nearby room. Several fighters then began beating him and his colleague, 28-year-old Neamatullah Naqdi.

At one point, Daryabi said he was beaten non-stop for 10 minutes. “I couldn’t think. I didn’t know if I would be killed or if I would live,” he said, his face and body still bearing the scars.

We call on the Taliban to immediately cease the use of force toward, and the arbitrary detention of, those exercising their right to peaceful assembly and the journalists covering the protests,” the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement Friday.

Now do Australia.

Note: they are not going to do Australia.

This is not serious, in any way, at all.

It’s a joke by joke people.

The UN can say “oh it’s different in Australia, because there’s a virus.”

But obviously, the Taliban thinks that Islam is more important than a virus.

The UN does not have a principle supporting freedom of speech or free assembly. If they did, they could say “there are no excuses, the right to assemble must be honored.” But they have already said that if someone says there is a virus, the right to assemble no longer exists.

It’s not serious.

It’s just dumb nonsense.

The Taliban is under no obligation to take these people seriously.