UN Climate Talks Face Collapse Due to Disagreement Over COMPENSATION for Poorer Nations

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2019

If Greta Thunberg had a heart, this would make her feel sadness.

Daily Mail:

A UN climate summit is at risk of collapsing today after all-night negotiations between countries left them more divided than ever over on how to fight global warming and pay for its ravages, having already gone into overtime for the talks.

Delegates from across the world have been in Madrid for the COP 25 conference for nearly two weeks attempting to work towards a deal for countries to commit to new carbon emissions cuts by the end of 2020.

Diplomats from rich nations, emerging giants and the world’s poorest countries – each for their own reasons – found fault in a draft agreement put forward by meeting host Chile in a botched attempt to strike common ground.

Faced with five-alarm warnings from science, deadly extreme weather made worse by climate change, and weekly strikes by millions of young people, negotiations in Madrid were under pressure to send a clear signal that governments are willing to double down in tackling the crisis.

But the 12-day talks, now deep into overtime, had retreated even further from this goal on Saturday.

‘It appears that we are going backwards on the issue of ambition when we should be calling for a quantum leap in the other direction,’ Marshall Islands climate envoy Tina Stege said.

I need to go home and look my children in the eye and say we got an outcome that is going to ensure their future, and the future of all of our children,’ she added, a catch in her voice.

Careful there, climate envoy. Talking about ensuring the future of our children has an awfully white supremacist ring to it.

Veteran observers of UN climate talks were stunned by the state of play nearly 24 hours after the negotiations had been set to close.

I have never seen such a disconnect between what the science requires and the people of the world demand, versus what the climate negotiations are delivering,’ said Alden Meyer, strategy and policy director at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Alden Meyer presumes to know what “the people of the world” demand but it’s mostly teenage girls who are following Greta Thunberg and doing the protests, and even among teenage girls there’s disagreement over the legitimacy of Thunberg’s claim to the Climate Throne.

Most people don’t want to be shamed or taxed for eating meat, or to be forced to ditch their cars and to ride their bicycles with an umbrella on rainy days.

The reality is that most people can’t afford Tesla cars and yachts, so making normal cars and airplane tickets even more expensive is not really a popular idea among most people other than overexcited teenage girls.

‘The one thing in Paris that gave us hope was that the deal is going to be strengthened over time,’ said Mohamed Adow, Director of Power Shift Africa, referring to the 196-nation Paris climate treaty.

‘If that doesn’t come through, Madrid will have failed.’

The push for a strengthening of voluntary carbon cutting plans is led by small-island and least-developed states, along with the European Union.

Leave it to the European Union to side with the people who want to weaken white countries.

Ministers from this ‘high ambition coalition’ have called out countries they see as blocking a consensus call for all countries to step up, notably the United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

China and India, the world’s No. 1 and No. 4 carbon emitters, meanwhile, have made it clear they see no need to improve on their current emissions reduction plans, which run to 2030.

These emerging giants have chosen instead to emphasise the historical responsibility of rich nations to lead the way and provide financing to poor countries.

China and India are both like “yeah we’re doing lots of contamination and carbon emissions but what about colonialism tho?”

They refuse to stop their current strategies aimed at strengthening their countries while the European Union is desperate to weaken white countries. It goes to show which governments actually have the best interests of their people in mind.

The United States, which is leaving the landmark Paris climate deal next year, was accused of acting as a spoiler on a number of issues vital to climate-vulnerable nations.

This included so-called ‘loss and damage’ funding to help disaster-hit countries repair and rebuild.

‘The US has not come here in good faith,’ said Harjeet Singh, climate lead with charity ActionAid.

They continue to block the world’s efforts to help people whose lives have been turned upside down by climate change.’

They want to pin every natural disaster on Climate Change and then blame white people for Climate Change and have white countries throw even more money at brown and black countries “to repair and rebuild.”

It’s all a big scam.