UN Boss Ban Ki-Moon Visits Auschwitz as Holocaust Conditioning Continues to Fail

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2013

"Oh, Jew in here have bad time.  No good bad time for Jew.  Berry bad.  You no deny it you a berry bad man.  Me love Jews long time." -Ban Ki-Moon
“Oh, Jew in here have bad time. No good bad time for Jew. Berry bad. You no deny it, you a berry berry bad man. You acting trouble, no good.  Me love Jews long time.” -Ban Ki-Moon

The South Korean secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, visited Auschwitz this week to praise the Jews and denounce the deniers.

Ha’aretz reports:

Ban entered the Nazi death camp through the infamous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Work Makes You Free) gate to see exhibitions that document the inhuman conditions suffered by camp inmates.

Accompanied by a former Auschwitz detainee Marian Turski, he walked through the red brick barracks, which still house huge mounds of shaved hair, shoes, baggage, and spectacles that were taken from inmates upon their arrival.

Nothing can truly prepare one for this epicenter of evil,” Ban said, “where systematic murder unique in human history reached its atrocious climax.”

The UN secretary-general laid flowers at the executions wall, where thousands of inmates, mostly Polish resistance members, were shot to death.


At the concentration camp’s gate, Banmet the former Israeli chief rabbi and current chairman of Yad Vashem Yisrael Meir Lau, who survived the Holocaust as a child.

The world must never forget, deny or downplay the Holocaust,” said Ban. “We will stand in eternal solidarity with the survivors and safeguard their testimony so their legacy will never die.”

Isn’t it interesting how often so many high-level officials have to explicitly speak out against ‘denial’ of the hoax?  The fact that whenever it is mentioned, by anyone, they are now required to expressly state that we must stop the deniers really speaks to the strides we have made.

Remember when Obama said Holocaust denial was evil and equivalent to actually committing a real massacre?

The imminent world awakening to this greatest of lies has these Jews in an uproar.  And they are responding to it in the world possible way imaginable.

If I were the Jews, what I would do is stop talking about the Holocaust every single second of the day.  This incessant whining about an allegedly very bad thing that happened 70 years ago is getting to the point where even the most brainwashed of zombies will get sick of it.

Holocaust Conditioning

Look at this chart.

Operant conditioning

The Jews have conditioned us to hold a religious reverence for their sacred hoax exclusively through noxious stimuli.  They punish us as children with videos, photographs, novels and so on, and continue this punishment throughout our lives via the mass media constantly going on about this atrocity that we as a race are supposed to be collectively responsible for.

We have fully embraced the condition inflicted on us, but there is very little reinforcement.  We get no positive benefit from actively feeling guilty about the hoax, and the only negative reinforcement we are given is the ability to escape the feelings of guilt by supporting the endless wars of Israel, and keeping our mouths shut whenever a Jew does anything to hurt us – whether it be producing pornography, destroying our economy, promoting homosexuality, or whatever – as this will make it less likely that they will bring up the Holocaust, and punish us with the deeply-rooted imagery we had instilled in our minds as children of evil White men gassing their fellows for no reason.

It was a good lie, and they did a good job establishing it, but it has run its course.  The rapid spread of denial laws proves it.

We are right on the verge of a major breakthrough.

An idea which is viewed as fringe is going to be rejected off-hand by a normal person, and so it is highly important to make our voices heard, making a presentation that we represent a large segment of the population. All of you who spam YouTube and Infowars and Reddit and wherever else with denial are doing a great service in showing the people how widespread denial is, and thus making it appear more acceptable.

Good job.