UN Awards Saudi Arabia a Place on Women’s Rights Council

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2017

Whenever you want to point out the absolute hypocrisy of the West’s global push for “human rights democracy,” you need to go no further than Saudi Arabia.

This is a country that executes homosexuals, stones women for adultery, mutilates people’s fingers for reading the Bible and – perhaps worst of all – doesn’t let women drive.

And they are our great ally, never questioned.

Yet Russia is pure evil for telling homosexuals they can’t advertise anal sex with men to little kids.

Of course, the more “grassroots” organizations who actually believe in “human rights democracy” will point out this hypocrisy, but their complaints fall on deaf ears when lodged at the organizations – such as the UN – who use this supposed ideology for the sole purpose of manipulating the goyim and explaining away aggressive geopolitical terrorism against nations who aren’t on-board with the Jewish program.


UN Watch, a human rights organization, monitoring the performance of the United Nations, has strongly condemned the appointment of Saudi Arabia to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), citing Riyadh’s poor women’s rights record and widespread gender inequality.

“Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief. It’s absurd,” Hillel Neuer, the UN Watch chief, said.

Every Saudi woman “must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death. Saudi Arabia also bans women from driving cars,” Neuer said.

Saudi Arabia was elected by a secret ballot last week by the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), having 54 nations as members.

Saudi Arabia along with Iraq, South Korea and Turkmenistan has been elected for a four-year term, from 2018 to 2022, among the Asia-Pacific States.

The CSW is aimed at “promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women,”according to its website.

Saudi Arabia’s bid to be elected to the UN Commission on the Status of Women was made in September 2016. At the time, the country referred to its record on women’s rights protection, which goes “in accordance with Sharia, which guarantees fair gender equality.”

Under Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship system, adult women need permission from a male guardian – usually from a husband, father, brother, or son – to travel, marry or exit prison. They may be asked to provide their guardian’s consent to work or access healthcare. Authorities have long been promising to abolish this rule. But it remains intact.

For the record, I actually agree with the way Saudi Arabia deals with women – though maybe they go a little bit too far, their system is far better than the modern Western system of “women’s liberation.”

But the fact that the UN is willing to simply forget all of their stated principles in order to pander to a great ally of the Jews demonstrates unambiguously that they have zero belief in their own ideology, and use it as a mere tool to forward an agenda that they are much less straightforward about: the global disenfranchisement of the white male.

The Jews who rule this system don’t care if the white male is destroyed by his own women, Moslems, black Africans or anything else – they simply want us torn down and destroyed, by any means necessary.

That goal is no more obvious than when they attempt to reconcile support of feminism with support for Saudi Arabia.

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