“Ultranationalist” Proud Boys, You Say?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2018

So I guess the Proud Boys’ lawyer faked having his guns stolen.


I don’t really care about that story. I would just assume that these people would hire some weirdo as a lawyer.

What I care about is the fact that the Daily Beast – which is basically the New New York Times, now that the Old New York Times has achieved negative credibility, to the point where you can literally read the paper and assume that the opposite of what they are saying is true – is calling them “ultranationalist.”

They obviously are not “ultranationalist.” Although I’m not really used to this term, as it seems to be a new meme, I am able to know what the words “ultra” and “nationalist” mean, and get an idea of what it means when you combine those two words.

The Proud Boys are what we would call “Alt-Lite.” That is to say, they support Trump, but are not racist and are especially not anti-Semitic.

They are run by Gavin McInnes, who was pretty much the original cuck meme.

For example, Gavin McInnes once referred to this website as “a terrorist group.”

What appears to be happening is that the media has blacklisted what was formerly called the Alt-Right, after a series of papers were written about us saying that they were helping us by covering us in a manner that allowed us to exploit them.

They are now going to the next group, which they feel is safe to cover, and claiming that they are the ultimate evil that needs to be fought. This also allows them to call for further bannings of increasingly milquetoast individuals.

I think we are going to be hearing more about the Proud Boys soon, just like we started hearing more about Alex Jones before they shut him down.

We are basically witnessing a slow march of just progressively wiping out of existence anyone who supports Donald Trump. The Daily Stormer was the first target, because it used the most offensive language – most of which was humor which the media framed as serious to old people who don’t understand jokes that don’t start with some group of individuals and/or animals walking into a bar – and people were able to go along with that.

Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes were able to go along with it, too.

And now, the beast has come around to them.

We need freedom of speech in this country, or eventually it’s going to be Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson who are “neo-nazi white supremacists” who must be silenced.

Then it will be the idiot boomers themselves posting their stupid biker memes on Facebook.

Freedom of speech is all or nothing, people.

The slippery slope is real.