Ultra-Orthodox Jews Scream “Nazi!” at IDF Soldier

Godfrey Bouillon
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2015

These Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews are so wacked out. It’s wonderful to see Jews aim their knee-jerk MuhAnti-Semitism cries at each other.

A majority of all the Haredi Jews in the world live in Israel, but they reject its existence, at least officially, on religious grounds. In reality, they’re enormous welfare leeches who live off Israeli government subsidies and payments while they have 8-12 kids (as they do in their colonies in upstate New York, in Brooklyn, in London, and in Australia). They often argue in public media that they do more to protect Israel by studying the Talmud in state-subsidized yeshivas all day than the IDF does killing Palestinian babies. In other words, they’re lazy, effeminate parasites who feel entitled to live like kings on the backs of other Jews. So here we have them yelling “Nazi!” at one of their own.

Jews Jewing Jews, gotta love it.

As other have mentioned, there is a racial dimension to the Jew hierarchy. These Haredi are Ashkenazim from Poland, the Baltics, and Russia, mostly. They’re really inbred and suffer from certain genetic disorders in high numbers. They’re really feminized and cowardly. I suspect a disproportionate number suffer from autism or something similar. The Brown Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews from the Mediterranean are often Orthodox as well, but they are much pro-Israeli state and form the backbone of the IDF, as they’re more martial.

Why does any of this matter? In the same vein as the disgusting, genocidal Talmudic quotes the Times of Israel recently published, this is the type of Jewology that both Zionist Christian Republikikes and AIPAC don’t want Whites to know about and the mainstream U.S. media wouldn’t dare to publish. It provokes too many troubling questions, reinforces too many stereotypes, and makes the constant screams of persecution by Western Jews at every scrawled Swastika or Jew joke seem absurd in comparison.