Ultra-Orthodox Jews Delay Flight for Hours Because They Wouldn’t Sit Next to Women

Daily Slave
September 26, 2014

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are insanely bizarre types of Jews that even other Jews can’t seem to figure out.

A group of deranged Ultra-Orthodox Jews flying from New York to Tel Aviv delayed a flight for hours because they refused to sit next to women.

Surely we will see feminists all over the media crying about how this group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews are sexist woman haters.  Oh that’s right, since the media is mostly controlled by Jews we will see little if any reporting on this story.

It is funny how the Jews are allowed to keep their extremist patriarchal structure, but White Europeans are told that they are evil woman-haters if they simply advocate for basic traditions.

Either way, these Jews were acting like terrorists, delaying the flight over this.  But it sounds as if most of the passengers on this flight were Jews, so we basically had a situation where one group of Jews was Jewing another group of Jews.

London Telegraph:

An El-Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv was turned into an “11-hour nightmare” after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women.

According to those on board the flight descended into chaos because of their demands.

The flight was full with Israelis, secular, orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews – known as Haredim – flying home to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

Even though the passengers had been pre-assigned seats before boarding, the ultra-Orthodox Jews refused to accept the arrangements because their beliefs required that men and women were segregated.

As the aircraft prepared to take off, the haredi men, distinguishable by their black suits and in many cases wide-brimmed black hats, stood in the aisles rather than sit down, delaying the departure.