Ultra-Mega Infinity Cunt Breaks the Cunt Law: Murkowski Backs Down on Cockblock Agenda, Bows to Patriarchy

The only thing women love more than destroying the things men build is the feeling of having the power to destroy the things men build.

Apparently, Lisa “Double-Decker Cunt” Murkowski is fearing that if she were to actually cockblock Donald Trump’s appointing of a Supreme Justice out of pure hatred and an openly sadistic desire to do harm for no other reason than for the rush of power that a cunt gets from hurting people, there will actually be a backlash.

If she single-handedly stopped this process, she could absolutely be removed in a primary. She is up for reelection in 2022, and if she stopped this nomination, any single person could run ads against her and win. People absolutely would stay angry, and be angry enough to find out when the primary is and go vote against her.

That rough old doggie could be sent to bake cookies for her grandkids. And that is simply intolerable.

Alaska Public Media:

If Democrats were counting on Lisa Murkowski to vote against President Trump’s next nominee to the Supreme Court, they should think again.

Sen. Murkowski said Tuesday she could not rule out that she would vote to confirm a Trump nominee if the Judiciary Committee approves one before the November election.

“I know everybody wants to ask the question, ‘will you confirm the nominee?’” she said outside the Capitol, as her Republican colleagues were gathering for their weekly policy lunch. “We don’t have a nominee yet. You and I don’t know who that is. And so I can’t confirm whether or not I can confirm a nominee when I don’t know who the nominee is.”

Sen. Mitt Romney took a similar position Tuesday, so it looks nearly impossible for Democrats to block Trump from seating his third Supreme Court justice.

Yes, old Mitt “I Lost a Presidential Election on Purpose Because Black Lives Matter to 47% of People” Romney – who has a penis, but also has the spirit of a woman in him, and is thus a confirmed member of the Cunt Police – is also backing down.

Mitt hates white people and men, but not as much as he hates not having power.

Previously, both Lindsey “I Love Little Boys’ Anuses” Graham and Chuck “Where the Hell Am I and Who The Hell Are You People?” Grassley also backed down.

Jeff Flake, who held up the process last time by saying he maybe believed that Brett Kavanaugh spent his high school years as the leader of a rape gang, is no longer in office.

The only remaining cunt is Susan Collins, AKA Hoggle from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (starring David Bowie).

She has said that she absolutely will not vote to confirm, no matter what.

But she doesn’t matter.

With the Murky Cow Skier and Mitt’s Magic Underwear on board, the deal is sealed in stone.

Of course, we’re speaking of cunts, and Trump has vowed to go full-cunt with his nomination because he apparently believes that women with careers are thinking about voting for him, and also because that was probably the only way to get the Cunt Police on board.

So we’ll be saying “Judge Cunt presiding” regardless.

Except no, she will not be sexy.

Actually though, if I’m just going to be frank with you, that chick on the left ain’t bad, and may actually be the most attractive 48-year-old woman I’ve ever seen. Although, frankly, it may simply be the contrast of her being placed next to that lumpy creature, Judge Lumps, who is known to her close compadres as “La Lumpo.”

To know for sure if she can be a true Judge, however, we’d have to put her in a skintight latex Judge Hershey costume.

I guess in Amy Coney Barrett’s case, she’d cosplay Judge Anderson.

That’s probably not going to happen. But honestly, if women are going to be getting these positions, they should have to do bikini contests or stripper shows or something. There is no woman that can ever compete with a man in really any field at all. So why are women hired in these professions? What is the actual point of it, other than to hurt society? If the point is that they’re hired specifically because they’re women, then they should have to do something sexy to get the job.

It is just so insane that we have women in the right-wing. We have the data here, folks. The outcomes are always negative. You just know whichever cunt he nominates is going to be the deciding vote on some bullshit with refugees and condemn America to certain doom. You just know it. Women are not just traitors, they are unreliable. The only thing you can rely on a woman to do is betray you.

I can’t even put into words how much I hate the fact that Trump is going “Full Cunt” – but it is what it is, he made a calculation based on his instincts, and he might be right. We will never know if he is right, because we don’t know why people vote the way they do. We also don’t know if he could have gotten Cunt Patrol on board for a male judge. We do know that after he announced that it would be a woman, four of the five holdouts said they would vote yea after saying initially they would vote nay.

Yes, he could have held out until after the election, or whatever, but then some people might not bother going out to vote because he didn’t finish this job.

I hate women probably more than anyone else on earth, but even I can see that this was probably necessary.

The only person who hates women more than me possibly is Ann Coulter, and she tweeted that no women who would vote for Trump care about a female judge.

Despite the fact that this was as much about getting the needed votes in the Senate as it was about votes in the election, I’m not really sure her statement is even true.

I think we’re going to see a lot of women voting because they’re afraid of the violence on the streets that the DEMON-RATS are fomenting. These would be women who are into the whole “career woman” thing and otherwise hate Donald Trump, but are legitimately scared of the blacks. They would probably not tell anyone they voted Trump, but they would want to justify it in their own brains, and they could do that in part by noting the woman judge.