Ultra-Double-Anal Dutch PM Says Hungary has No Place in the EU

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Hungary “has no place” in the European Union after passing a controversial new bill banning LGBTQ content in schools, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Thursday.

Earlier this month Hungary’s parliament passed legislation which bans all educational materials and programs for children which are considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment and the concept of sexuality deviating from the one assigned to a person at birth.

The move prompted intense criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties. On the day it passed, crowds gathered in Budapest outside the parliament to protest the bill.

The legislation is one of a string of divisive policies championed by Hungarian leader Victor Orban, a hardline nationalist who has previously railed against LGBTQ people and immigrants.

“For me, Hungary has no place in the EU anymore,” Rutte told journalists before attending an EU summit in Brussels alongside Orban.

He added: “But, unfortunately, in the system that we have, I can’t do it on my own, but [with] 26 other member states saying: ‘you have to leave. This has to happen step by step and, in the meantime, you hope that they will adapt.”

As he arrived for the summit, Orban strongly defended the new legislation.

“It’s not about homosexuals, it’s about the kids and the parents,” he said.

This week on “Guys Who Don’t Get the Point” – Viktor Orban!

Homosexuality is about kids and their parents – it is about taking kids away from their parents and giving them to homosexuals.

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Those are our values.

It’s who we are.

If Hungary doesn’t like democracy, then they should go join Russian white supremacy and homophobia.

Democracy: “It’s who we are”