Ultimo Weebnat Failstreamer Apparently Wrote Weird Manifesto Saying He Didn’t Have a Plan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2019

Note on stream download: Torrent file here, magnet link here

Following yesterday’s German failstream, a manifesto of sorts has emerged, allegedly belonging to the failstreamer, Stephen Balliet, who is reportedly 27 years old.

I’m strategically going to not post a large part of it, because it’s about making homemade guns and bombs, and I’m pretty sure it’s better if I don’t post instructions regarding such things on this website, regardless of how newsworthy it obviously is. If you want to find it, you can, but you must understand my position here.

However, I will go ahead and post sections of the document, which was for some reason posted as three separate .pdf files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Though the document seems legitimate (I guess it would do), it’s still not clear where it came from, with SITE Intelligence, a Jewish group, simply saying they “found it.”

So it is I guess possible the whole thing was written by Jews. Or they just don’t want to promote where it is they found it. I don’t have any way of knowing that, and I’m not going to speculate much. But I just want that to be clear from the start: currently our only source for this document is the Jews.

The first .pdf file simply gave a link to the stream and had a note thanking someone from 8chan who he said sent him money for the attack.

So, that’s our first red flag – the (alleged) shooter (allegedly) literally saying that the guy who paid him to do this attack is Jewish and might be a government agent purposefully radicalizing people online so they’ll commit terrorist attacks.

Then he goes through his entire arsenal of guns and bombs, which again, I’m not going to post here. But I will say that I’ve read it and I’ve talked to people who are well informed on such things and they say that the document shows a very high level of understanding of homemade weapons, which is not a simple thing to do.

I will post the pictures of the guns without the descriptions (with the guns he doesn’t go into too much detail about how he made them, but he does go into detail about their use and it’s all just… stuff I don’t think I should post here).

So, we’re supposed to believe that the guy who made all of these guns, and wrote detailed descriptions of each, is also the guy we saw in that video running around acting like it’s a “dad plays GTA” video.

He then gives his equipment and objectives.

He definitely DID accomplish #1. Regardless of the fact that he seemed completely incapable of operating the guns, and kept dropping ammo everywhere, and getting confused by jams, the guns did shoot and he did kill people with them.

However, he definitely didn’t increase my morale with this video, which was as gross as it was hilarious, in particular because he didn’t kill any Jews, just some fat lady who appeared to be German and some guy at a kebab shop who also appeared to be German.

But I’ll tell you, reading the document up until this point, I was almost able to believe that he could have been an autistic type person, who was able to build all of these weapons and then freaked out when he got into a real life situation.

But then I read the part of the document where he describes his plan.

So his plan amounts to “this synagogue is a fortress and I haven’t really thought about how I’ll get in it to kill these Jews, so I guess I’ll just go and figure it out when I get there because if I try to case the joint maybe someone will see me walking by.”

As those who watched the video know, he was thwarted by a wooden door – as so many Jews were all those years ago.

But the wooden door was wide enough that he literally could have driven his car through it. And it would have been obvious from any look at the synagogue – even on Google Maps – that it was a double door that a car can be driven through.

This would have gotten him inside the courtyard at least and then… well, I’m not going to go through the whole thing of why this was the dumbest mass shooting ever on film, but the fact is that it was the dumbest mass shooting and it was also the one that involved the most technical skill in preparation, what with manufacturing five guns from scratch.

It is very hard to reconcile the amount of man-hours that must have went into building those guns, and the level of dedication, with his plan being “I’ll just figure out my mass shooting when I get there.”

His third document is just some cringe weebnat nonsense, which I will post in full.

You’ll note that he says he wants to kill not only Jews and immigrants, but also Christians and communists, which seems to be close to 100% of the population. Especially when you consider that the only remaining group, atheist libertarians, are mostly Jewish.

What Actually Is This?

It is clear that this was not a real political shooting, in the way that the Brenton Tarrant shooting in New Zealand was, but an attempt to achieve notoriety by copycatting Tarrant.

If you watch the video, he keeps saying to himself “I’m such a loser” and “once a loser, always a loser” after he keeps failing nonstop. I’m sure if you understand German, there are even more self-denigrating remarks throughout the video.

I think he is probably a legitimate dumbass, who was almost certainly used as a patsy by someone.

Considering the fact that the document says outright that he got money from a Jew, it seems likely that he was involved with other people on the internet who gave him instructions in planning the attack. It’s also possible that the guns were given to him by someone else.

I would assume that the target was given to him by one of these people online.

A New York Times article from this morning gives several interesting details, including that the “Jewish Agency for Israel,” a nonprofit headquartered in Israel and partially funded by the government of Israel, had just paid for a massive security upgrade for this synagogue:

The attack was thwarted by a locked, heavy wooden door — the two victims were killed on the street outside and in a nearby kebab shop. Max Privorozki, the head of the congregation, said the security camera screen had shown fuzzy images of the heavily armed attacker on the other side of the door.

Mr. Privorozki said that the heavy wooden door of the synagogue and the community center’s electronic security system had recently been upgraded with the help of the nonprofit Jewish Agency for Israel.

So, that would certainly be a target you would recommend if you wanted to stir up a mob against anti-Semites, while also more or less ensuring that no Jews would die.

Before the facts were all available, Jews were all over the place claiming that it was Jews that were killed.

Even now, the headlines read “two killed in attack on synagogue,” purposefully implying that it was Jews, even though we know that isn’t true.

This is to say: if you were the handler for a dumbass loser who wants to be famous and your goal was to stir up a mob against anti-Semitism, to create massive sympathy for Jews, and also do so in a way that didn’t result in the death of a single Jew, you would tell him to take his arsenal to this heavily protected synagogue which has new high-tech security installed by an Israeli company. And you’d tell him to go at a time when all the Jews were already safely locked inside.

The NYT article also (repeatedly) mentioned a shockingly long wait on a police response:

On Thursday some questioned why no police guard had been assigned, as requested by their cantor, and why it had taken officers what they estimated to be 10 minutes to respond to their call for help.

Jewish leaders were demanding to know why their appeals for increased police presence around the synagogue were ignored. While Jewish institutions in most large cities in Germany have a round-the-clock police detail, that was absent in Halle.

He said that the police had taken some time to respond to the call. “I did not look at my watch, but I guess it took at least 10 minutes,” Mr. Privorozki said, adding that the police had promised to always be close to the synagogue and to come quickly in an emergency.

Ms. Meyer said, “It took a while before the police came, but when we could hear the sirens and a helicopter, we continued a prayer and sang.”

So there will be massive apologies to Jews, probably an official apology to the state of Israel, for the wait time in responding to this attack.

But I suspect that it was not an accident.

I suspect that the police were ordered to humiliate themselves here, because it was intended that people die – just not Jews, who were all locked up in their fortress. The handlers would have told the poor stupid retarded failstreamer that if he couldn’t get in the synagogue, to just shoot random people on the street. He even says in his manifesto he is planning to do that!

if when something goes wrong. Drive away. Kill some more.

What’s more, he also says that he was planning first to go kill Moslems or Antifa – both of which not only would have been much softer targets, but also MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more sympathetic targets than a bunch of old Jews praying.

I originally planned to storm a mosque or an antifa “culture” center, which are way less defended, but even killing 100 golems won’t make a difference, when on a single day more than that are shipped to Europe. The only way to win is to cut of the head of ZOG, which are the kikes.

So why would he change his original and much better – both in terms of tactics and narrative – plan?

Well, probably because whoever these mysterious people he was talking to online were told him “no, goy, you have to kill the Jews, goy, so go to this heavily guarded synagogue which just got a new security system from Israel, goy.”

I just cannot stress enough the fact that this guy actually, literally said that he was in contact with a guy who is Jewish and that the Jew gave him money.

Let’s just look at that part again here.

There is one person I want to thank especially. That’s Mark, former BO of 8ch /v/ and owner of vch.moe. His gracious donation of 0,1 bitcoin helped me a lot. He should be really pissed right now, of course. I wanted to kill only mudslimes and promised, I wouldn’t name him. You know what?

Fuck you, you filthy jew.

If this person even exist in RL. He could be a CIAnigger trying to radicalize and set up people online, for all that I know. I mean, why would a fucking jew give away money for free?

So he is saying that the Jew gave him money and told him to attack Moslems. Then, the shooter got angry at him, calling him a filthy Jew.

Why would he turn on him?

The simplest explanation is that the shooter was then in contact with other intelligence sock accounts online, who told him “no, he’s a Jew, he just wants you to kill Moslems – what you really need to do kill is Jews, let me give you this synagogue address, goy.”

“Also, goy, you should also kill Christians, goy, because after all, goy, Christians are evil and just like Jews somehow, goy.”

What We’ve Learned

Maybe he made the guns himself, maybe he didn’t. 

What we know, however, is that he was in contact with people online, he was a downtrodden guy who viewed himself as a loser, he was doing this for fame, and the whole thing is going to be used as a pretense for a crackdown across Europe.

And far from increasing the morale of those resisting Jews, it demoralized people, because it was such an embarrassing disaster, making anyone who is against Jews look like a retard and a psychopath who just kills random people.

Brenton Tarrant got a lot of sympathy from normies. The entire Breitbart comments section loved him. Imagine if he’d started killing random white people on the street for no reason as part of his operation?

No one should do these mass shootings, ever. I don’t know how to stress that further. Please, do not do this. It’s not helping. Killing random people is the stupidest possible thing you can do. Also with Tarrant – that mosque had been found to be training terrorists, making it more of a military style target and the victims even less sympathetic.

Nothing good has ever resulted from killing random people.

You just look psychopathic and insane, and the only outcome is that our enemies are able to continue to falsely claim the moral high ground.