ULTIMATE SAVIOR Donald Trump Announces Brutal Changes to Asylum Rules!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

The ULTIMATE SAVIOR of the white race, Donald Trump, has announced BRUTAL new changes to asylum policies in light of the approaching violent horde of savage orcs coming right for our border.

What we’re doing now:

  • Building “tent city” open-air concentration camps for any invaders who cross the border
  • Detaining invaders indefinitely without trial
  • Shooting anyone who throws a rock

We’ve got an executive order coming down to make this THE LAW.

People are saying the message was “vague” – but whatever. He’s saying “look, I’m going to fix this, no one is getting in and if they do get in they’re going to camps.” That’s fine with me.

This is being backed up with action – the troop deployment on the border is the biggest in almost 100 years.

The first 100 have already arrived – this is called “Operation Faithful Patriot.”

Great name.

The yids are flipping their lids over the speech, particularly about the plan to shoot people to death for throwing rocks (I won’t mention that this is exactly what Jews do in Israel to people who are not even trying to invade them).

He said that if someone throws a rock, the troops should consider it a rifle.

The Jewish media keeps saying Trump is “stoking fear” – but what does that even mean?

Does the fear already exist, or is he inventing it? Are people not already afraid of the fact that we are being bombarded with vicious brown savages who are raping, robbing and murdering in a rampage across the country?

A more appropriate way to state what Trump is doing would be to say he is “addressing fears.”

The fears most certainly have existed for a very long time. He is not creating these fears. Virtually every working class person I know in America lives in some form of fear of brown people. Yes, it is often American blacks or Somalian “refugees” – but this is all part of the same problem, which is that our country is being taken from us and it isn’t being given to peaceful people.

Having your country taken away from you is always going to be bad. But it certainly makes it so, so much worse when the people taking it are intent on rape and murder.

The Jews have pivoted from “your country is not being taken away from you,” into “yes, your country is being taken away from you, but the people doing it are not actually violent.”

It’s unclear if they consider this to be ceding ground or gaining ground.

How long before “yes, the people taking away your country are violent, but you deserve this”?