Ultimate Doom: Vengeance: Roy of Siegfried and Roy, A 75-Year-Old Vegetable, Dies of Coronavirus

75-year-old mutilated vegetable Roy Horn was in the prime of his life and his passing is a true tragedy.

Not the homosexual Tiger Magician!


Coronavirus is taking our greatest from us.

How dare this evil force take our blessed Roy?


Roy Horn, best known for being one half of magic act Siegfried and Roy, died from complications related to coronavirus, Us Weekly confirmed on Friday, May 8. The animal trainer who performed in Las Vegas for decades with Siegfried Fischbacher, had tested positive for the disease last month. He was 75.

“Today, the world has lost one of the greats of magic, but I have lost my best friend,” said Siegfried in a statement. “From the moment we met, I knew Roy and I, together, would change the world. There could be no Siegfried without Roy, and no Roy without Siegfried. Roy was a fighter his whole life including during these final days. I give my heartfelt appreciation to the team of doctors, nurses and staff at Mountain View Hospital who worked heroically against this insidious virus that ultimately took Roy’s life.”

But uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

This guy was not exactly in great health. Aside from being 75 years old, which is slightly below the average death age of coronavirus, which is 80, he has been a vegetable for nearly two decades, following a 2003 tiger attack which tore him up, severed his spine and caused a stroke.


During a show at the Mirage on October 3, 2003, a seven-year-old white tiger named Mantacore attacked Horn. As part of the act but veering off script, Horn held his microphone to Mantacore’s mouth and told him to say “hello” to the audience. Mantacore responded by biting Horn’s sleeve. Horn swatted the tiger and barked “release!”, but Mantacore then knocked Horn down with his leg and pinned him to the floor.

As standby trainers rushed in from offstage to assist, Mantacore bit into Horn’s neck and carried him offstage. Trainers got the tiger to release Horn by spraying him with CO2 canisters, the last resort available.

The attack severed Horn’s spine, drained his blood, and severely injured other parts of his body, permanently impairing his motor and verbal abilities. He also had a stroke, either before or after Mantacore dragged him offstage. 

Here’s a 2014 interview with him.

He’s able to sort of talk. But you know, not really.

One would certainly imagine that a person who has suffered this kind of trauma has quite a number of health problems. I can’t find information about what was going on with him for the last few years, but I would assume that age made it so there was no remaining ability to move around. He presumably interacted regularly with a lot of medical professionals, which is how he would have contracted the virus in the first place.

Understand: this is the standard case of a death from coronavirus. With virtually every case, you have no way of knowing if they would have died at the exact same time if they didn’t have the virus, but you always know that they didn’t have any chance of living more than a year or two.

Remember: both the CDC and Mommy Birx said that all deaths where a person is confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus will be counted as coronavirus deaths.

We already know as a point of absolute fact that the lockdown is going to kill more people than it saved, and completely destroy the lives of pretty much everyone in America. But I think it’s important to understand that there were virtually no stakes at all here.

We knew this only affected old people or people who otherwise have extremely serious health problems (cancer, morbid obesity, GRIDS, etc.). We knew it from both China and Italy. This entire thing was done for the ostensible purpose of adding a few months or at most a couple of years onto the lives of very sick people, who probably weren’t enjoying life all that much anyway. That is the stated purpose.

I just don’t even have the words to describe how insane it is that people were stupid enough to go along with this. When I try to explain it to people in real life, I literally start stuttering.

Funny Thing Though

Many of you won’t remember this drama, but after the attack, Roy said the tiger did nothing wrong and was just trying to help him. That became the official position of the casino.

One of the animal trainers came out and said this was a hoax and Roy abused the tigers and the cat who attacked him was just implementing jungle justice.

I assume that’s probably true.

It is the highest form of idiocy to keep dangerous wild animals as pets, and it seems to be associated with homosexuality and other sexual identity problems.

But there are weird homosexuals who do this without ever getting attacked.