UK’s Latest Scandal: Baby Murdered by Queer Adoptive Parents was Stolen From a Loving Family

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

November 12, 2017

The British government is responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people in the last two centuries. Add this 18-month-old child to the list.

In a story so shocking even a jaded bastard like me can hardly believe it, the state took a baby from her family and gave it to two random fags off the street just because they wanted to see what would happen if you put an infant in the hands of two male homosexual paraphiles.

Apparently, giving perverts someone else’s child as a human prop so they can play house is the Queen’s law!

After just a few weeks in their custody, the narcissistic faggots quickly got bored with Elsie and had a mental breakdown. They didn’t know that small children sometimes cry, so one of them beat the baby so severely over an extended period of time its injuries were compared to a violent car accident. Somehow, the “social workers” didn’t see anything during their visits.

But it gets worse. While the mother is accused of having a drug problem, the grandmother stepped forward to take custody of the child. The grandmother and her family fought to keep Elsie, but were rejected by the state.

Daily Mail:

Wickedness comes in all shapes and sizes. This week, it comes in the guise of a puckish 31-year-old ex-fitness instructor, Matthew Scully-Hicks, who beat his 18-month-old adopted daughter, Elsie, to death.

Following months of abuse, he finally killed the little girl by violently shaking her and banging her head on a hard surface.

Incredibly, just 13 days earlier he and his husband, Craig, had finalised the adoption papers. They were planning a party for Elsie to celebrate. Scully-Hicks had even taken her to Marks & Spencer earlier that afternoon to choose an outfit.

Little Elsie did not have the best start in life. Her mother was a drug user and she was taken into care by social services five days after her birth.

This new beginning ought to have been a happy time for her. In reality, it was an agonising start to months of unimaginable abuse.

Elsie, at the time of her death, exhibited injuries ‘similar to those caused by a car crash’. She had bleeding to three parts of her brain, haemorrhages behind both eyes, and fractures to her leg, skull and three of her ribs.

Prior to that, she had been treated for a severe fall and had recently developed a squint in her left eye. She had also suffered a cardiac arrest.

Yet despite repeated trips to the GP and hospital and visits from social services, her desperate condition was not picked up. One social worker even went so far as to comment that Elsie and her new father were making ‘good eye contact’.

This was the same father who was heard by neighbours screaming repeatedly, ‘Shut the f*** up’ and who, in increasingly frantic text messages to husband Craig, openly described the child as a ‘psycho’, a ‘pain in the ass’, and ‘satan dressed up in a baby grow’.

That in itself would make this a truly heartbreaking story. But when it transpires that, far from being alone in the world, Elsie had a loving family who not only had remained in contact throughout her time in foster care, but also desperately wanted to look after her themselves, it becomes unbearable.

Elsie’s biological grandmother tried to adopt her granddaughter, but was turned down by social services on the grounds that she ‘would struggle to cope’.

Sometimes, of course, this is a fair judgment. But in Elsie’s case it seems bitterly ironic. Because whatever impediments Elsie’s grandmother may have faced to looking after her daughter’s child, she would truly have had to be a monster to outdo Scully-Hicks.

This was a young man who clearly could not cope with the most basic toddler behaviour. The ‘nightmare’ he describes in his text messages — Elsie waking at regular intervals during the night, refusing to eat, crying at bedtime, becoming fractious in the evenings — are things that all children of that age do.

According to a whistleblower, a social worker with 30 years’ experience who was part of the Child Protection team at Elsie’s local authority, the Scully-Hickses may not have been vigorously vetted or challenged about Elsie’s injuries because it seemed such an attractive idea to place the child with a gay couple.

Don’t get me wrong: I do not believe sexuality matters one jot when it comes to being a good parent. But in matters of adoption, the most important thing is being utterly scrupulous about putting the interests of the child first.

Social workers have, on many past occasions, failed to do this because they are encouraged to see their job not just as child protection, but also as righting social ‘wrongs’.

The low-level bureaucrat in the UK is typically a homosexual, a cat-lady or some other anti-social element given small-time power by Jews, so this isn’t surprising. J-leftists searching for a career that “makes a difference” are often advised to go into “social work” by counselors and NGOs. The state is eager to hire them.

This leads to our dysfunctional governments in the West being controlled on the street level by dysfunctional people – just as the system likes it.

Let’s ignore the fact that homosexuals have a pattern of touching kids, and that children raised in homosexual households are multiple times more likely to be molested by an adult – what does a fag want with a child anyway?

For an LGBTP, life is nothing but consumerism and partying. Homosexual men have disproportionate rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, debt, and I won’t even get into the laughable notion of “gay marriage.” 28% of gay men have over 1000 sex partners!

In the UK, people who smoke cigarettes are banned from adopting, yet they “missed” the violence this poor little girl was enduring from the get-go?

Here we have a whistleblower telling the world British Child Protection services give fags in hot pursuit of children the VIP treatment. Everyone knows “LGBTP” people embody moral perfection, so why do a background check on them?

A serious government would launch a probe into what other calamities these scumbags are subjecting these kids to. The social workers who covered this abuse up should be put in prison for accessories to murder. Matthew Scully-Hicks is not the only criminal here!

The British government is an illegitimate and tyrannical force entity by corrupt criminals.

Since peaceful political dissent is declared illegal terrorism, reforming it is not possible. 

Justice for Elsie!