UK’s Home Office: “All Gatherings are Currently Against the Law”

The British Home Office has posted a radical and trendy (“hip”) video about how it is illegal to gather.

They should have used this video instead.

Then no one would have complained.

Daily Mail:

Twitter users have criticised The Home Office’s new ‘Stay at Home’ warning video for being ‘aggressive’, comparing the messaging to an advert for Netflix’s Black Mirror and even the Gestapo.

The video, posted to Twitter by the ministerial department yesterday, urges people to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic and features a series of police raids on illegal gatherings scored to the sounds of drum and bass music.

But members of the public have questioned the tone of the clip, which appears to be modelled on a 90s anti-piracy advert.

Compiled footage shows police bodycam footage of officers storming into properties including homes, pubs and warehouse spaces where the public has been found to be breaching lockdown rules.

Several warning messages flash across the screen in bold white font such as: ‘You shouldn’t go to parties,’ You shouldn’t make your own pub’, ‘You shouldn’t go to raves’, ‘You shouldn’t hold baby showers’ and ‘You shouldn’t be meeting up’.

The Home Office captioned the tweet: ‘All gatherings are currently against the law. Stay Home. Protect The NHS. Save Lives.’

All of the stuff we were warned about regarding communism as #90sKids is now coming to pass. Only it’s a lot worse. Communists did censorship, martial law, fake news and so on, but they never locked people in their houses and told them they couldn’t hang out together.

The diabolical ruling class is getting everything they want from this virus.

It’s only a matter of time before they come out with “because of the coronavirus, it is now imperative that children be raped and murdered in satanic rituals.”

People would go along with it.

People are wearing two masks now.

They would go along with satanic child sacrifice because of coronavirus.

You’re going to see it.