UK’s First Transgender Parents Hope Their “Powerful” Story Will Bring Hope to Young People

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2020

Hannah and Jake Graf, vessels for demons.

Will the kid be transgender too though? That would be even more progressive.

Daily Mail:

Trans couple Hannah and Jake Graf have revealed their hopes of inspiring members of the transgender community to believe that they can have a family after the couple announced they are expecting a baby.

The couple from London, who have spoken openly about their journey to parenthood during various appearances on Lorraine, featured on the show this morning to talk about their exciting news.

After listening to how Jake stopped testosterone for about six months in order to harvest his eggs because he always wanted children, Lorraine questioned how the couple felt about being role models.

Yes. His eggs.

It’s 2020 and men have ovaries.

This hominid was born female, with an actual vagina and a real womb:

But now she’s making people call her “Jake.”

This other hominid was born with a penis and a pair of testicles:

You can thank modern medicine for such wonders.

Jake, 41, said: ‘For us it’s really important that we put that visibility that we didn’t have when we were growing up.

‘We looked out into the world and thought what is there for trans people? Who am I? Where are my role models? It’s very important for us to do that.

‘If a trans person wants marriage, love and a family then that they can have that.’

Pointing out that they also wanted to reassure parents of transgender children, Jake continued: ‘So many parents of trans kids are worried.

‘They read in the media that trans kids don’t know their own minds and that there’s something wrong with them.

‘If we can give hope to one mother or one father or one child that it’s all going to be OK, if they want this, then it’s absolutely out there for them.’

It’s always about spreading The Transgender with these demons.

The reality is that most transgenders are significantly more likely to end up killing themselves in despair than getting married and having kids of their own.

Using her own experience as an example, Hannah added: ‘When I was on the brink of transitioning, I thought I was making the decision of being myself, but also having to give up not being able to have love or a family or kids.

‘The fact that I thought that then, and I’m here now five or six years later. If we can get all younger trans people out there to realise that there’s hope for you and you can have a fulfilling life, then that’s a really powerful message.’

We live in a world where your daughter can be taken from you and brainwashed into having a radical hysterectomy without your consent, and this transgender demon talks about her case as if it were the norm?

Allowing these sick-in-the-head people to “transition” is a form of abuse.

During their time on the show, Jake and Hannah credited Lorraine for helping them become parents.

After explaining that they were having a daughter via surrogate, Jake commented: ‘We have to thank you, genuinely, we were on about a year ago feeling pretty hopeless, pretty desperate and then when we did the show we got a call from the National Fertility Society.

‘They said we’ve got someone who would like to help you.

‘We met a wonderful woman who wanted to be a surrogate and was very keen to do it. She was amazing. She wanted to work with us and amazingly got pregnant first time.’

Of course another woman has to grow the baby, because the body of the transgender hominid who was assigned female reproductive organs at birth is now a hellish abomination unfit for the development of a child.