Ukrainians Continue to Pretend to Hate Jews with Bloody Effigy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2019

Ukrainians are the number one people who seem to hate Jews.


An effigy of a Ukrainian-Jewish billionaire covered in red paint was placed at the entrance to a synagogue in Kiev.

The life-size puppet of Igor Kolomoisky was found Monday at the entrance to the Brodsky Synagogue, Eduard Dolinsky, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, wrote on Twitter. The puppet had a portrait of Kolomoisky on its head.

As president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, Kolomoisky has poured millions of dollars into Jewish causes in the country. He has also financed nationalist causes and bought equipment for the Ukrainian army in its conflict with Russia.

Those who placed the puppet at the synagogue wore camouflage fatigues and were not identified, Dolinsky wrote.

The effigy was placed there on Oct. 14, a national day of commemoration called Defender of Ukraine Day. Oct. 14 is also Ukraine’s Day of the Cossack, a reference to locals whose militias mounted several rebellions against czsarist Russia. They also routinely carried out pogroms and other atrocities against Jews.

Thousands, including far-right nationalists, marched that day in Kiev and other cities in protests of a planned compromise with Russia on disputed land in the border between the two countries.

Despite seeming to hate Jews, Ukrainians are also the number one people who demand a government completely controlled by Jews.

The Maidan in 2014 was driven by neo-Nazi violence energy, but the result was a completely Jewish government. Both the president and prime minister were Jews, most of the cabinet was Jews. They now have a new Jewish president, and the prime minister also seems Jewish.

Their government’s Jewishness is second only to that of Israel, and they do nothing about it, and in fact, many of the same people making bloody Jewish effigies support it.

They are not responsible enough to rule themselves.

Ukraine is Russia.