Ukrainian Jews Outraged by T-Shirt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

I get that Jews are always outraged by everything, but it is quite a thing to have outrage over a T-shirt in the Ukraine make international news.

Times of Israel:

Ukraine’s Jewish community has expressed outrage after an online store marketed an anti-Semitic shirt, a local website reported Thursday.

The local store NU SHO recently uploaded an Instagram post advertising a black T-shirt with the writing: “Holy shit, are you a Yid?” according to the News Front website.

“Yid” means “Jew” in Yiddish, but the term has taken on an anti-Semitic connotation, particularly in Eastern Europe, where it is used by many non-Jews as a pejorative.

Ukraine’s Jewish community demanded that the shop remove the shirt from its website, stop selling it and publish an apology. It threatened to file a police complaint.

They took the shirt down and apologized.

So it seems like problem solved.

The Jewish people are triumphant once again against the goyim pigs, who would dare offend their delicate sensibilities.

Why are we hearing about this in Israel, in English?

They must be trying to do something here. Either they really hate this T-shirt company or they are trying to drum up paranoia about Ukrainian anti-Semitism.