Ukraine’s New Acting President Vows to Protect Ukranian Jewry

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2014

This man is clearly confused as to who deserves this bat.

The new Ukrainian acting President Oleksander Tuchynov has vowed to protect Jews in the Ukraine at any cost. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Jews need protection over there though. They have just successfully overthrown the government and are now even openly stating that the Jewish community, as a whole, is now better off over there than they were before this recent, bloody revolution.

This is very sad and disheartening to watch. Do the Ukrainians not know who genocided 7-10 million of their kinsmen in 1932-33? Do they not find it odd that while the world bemoans the so-called “Holocaust” of the Jews, their genocide is virtually unheard of, despite being worse that what the Jews claim happened to them during WWII? (I would much rather be gassed to death then starved to death.)

This is the report from Haaretz:

Interim Ukrainian President Oleksander Tuchynov pledged Wednesday that he would do everything in his power to protect the country’s Jewish community, Israel Radio reported.

Tuchynov met with the country’s chief rabbi, Yaakov Dov Bleich, after former President Viktor Yanukovych was deposed last week following three months of unrest by protesters in Kiev.

Tuchynov told Bleich that Ukraine’s new leadership is doing everything it can to end the anarchy of recent months, according to Israel Radio.

However, at least one European Jewish leader has responded to the threat against the Ukrainian Jewish community by requesting outside assistance, both from European leaders and Israeli authorities.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, general director of the European Jewish Association, has appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to send Israeli-trained security forces to protect the Jewish community across Ukraine.

Despite the paranoid screeching of a potential “rise in Antisemitism” by some Israelis and other Jews, the Ukraine Jewish leader Vadim Rabinovitz has stated emphatically that “there is no evidence whatsoever of a rise in anti-Semitism or xenophobia in Ukraine as a result of the protests.

They are probably just as shocked and surprised at this as I am, especially with all of the visible Jews at the head of this recent coup.