Ukraine: Western Outrage After “Female Soldiers” Pictured Marching in High Heels

Firstly, there shouldn’t be “female soldiers.”

Secondly, if there are female soldiers, they should be sent into combat in high heels.


Ukraine’s army command appears to have put its foot in it this week, with a growing scandal breaking after a brigade of women cadets were told to march in step while wearing high-heeled shoes along with their obligatory khakis.

The Eastern European nation is currently gearing up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union next month, and the armed forces have already been dipping their toes into preparations. On Thursday, the defense ministry in Kiev published photos of female cadets from a university in the capital drilling for an Independence Day parade. However, along with their camouflage gear, the troops had been instructed to wear conspicuous black high heels.

The images drew attention from the public, with some people deciding that the outfits were demeaning for women warriors. When Defense Minister Andriy Taran came to parliament the next day, he was met with condemnations from female MPs over the photos.

“How could one disgrace a simple idea of inspiration?” exclaimed Elena Kondratyuk, the deputy speaker of the national parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, who led the charge. She answered her own question: “By making female soldiers parade on heels for the 30th anniversary of our independence.”

“I’m sorry, but what we saw on the website of the defense ministry is totally messed up. Mr. Minister, is that your way to bring us closer to NATO standards?”

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