Ukraine: Prosecutor Sues Joe Biden for Getting Him Fired

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2020

Joe Biden is the one who actually committed all of these crimes Trump is accused of.

I hate this whole Ukraine story, what with the impeachment and the hoaxery. But I do understand it, which I think is more than 99% of America can say, so I guess I should explain the timeline here.

  • Barack Obama’s State Department threw a coup in the Ukraine, funding terrorists to overthrow their elected government and replace it with a revolutionary Jewish government
  • Joe Biden’s son Hunter was put on the board of Burisma Holdings, an energy company registered in Cyprus which was set to exploit the resources that effectively changed hands during the revolution; the company was also involved in various other post-revolution criminality
  • Hunter Biden did not have any experience in the gas industry, or any experience in the Ukraine, and this was looked at as obvious corruption, where Burisma was buying access to the US President via the Vice President’s son
  • Burisma was subjected to a money-laundering investigation by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine
  • Joe Biden went to the Ukraine, multiple times, to lobby for the prosecutor investigating Burisma to be fired, allegedly threatening to withhold a loan if he wasn’t fired
  • The prosecutor was fired
  • A new president of the Ukraine was elected
  • Donald Trump called up the new president and asked him to reopen the investigation, as well as investigate Joe Biden’s role in getting the prosecutor fired
  • Donald Trump was impeached for asking this of the new president

It’s a very weird story, and obviously the details of all of this are being purposefully obfuscated by the media and the Democrats.

This latest development creates problems.


Former top prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, has filed a criminal complaint with the state authorities, claiming former US Vice President Joe Biden strong-armed Kiev into firing him in order to stop the Burisma investigation.

In the complaint Shokin sent to the Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) on Monday, the former prosecutor requests that Biden be charged with “interference with the activities of a law enforcement officer.” The document was obtained by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

“One does not simply walk into Burisma Holdings.”

Shokin urged the SBI to kick-start a pre-trial investigation into the alleged crime committed by Biden, who he claims was illegally pressuring Ukrainian officials into ousting him from office while using a $1 billion loan guarantee as a leverage.

Noting that Biden, in his official capacity as the second-in-command in the US political hierarchy, repeatedly visited Ukraine in late 2015 and early 2016 to persuade high-ranking officials to remove him, Shokin argued that “as a result, he curtailed an objective investigation criminal proceedings on the facts of unlawful activities of persons associated with the company Burisma Holdings Limited (Cyprus), including the son of the specified high-ranking official [Biden’s son Hunter, who sat on the company’s board from 2014 till 2019].”

Shokin specifically refers to the recently released documentary series ‘UkraineGate: Inconvenient facts,’ by French investigative journalist Olivier Berruyer, which challenges the Western media claims that the corruption investigation into Burisma was “dormant” at the time Biden was lobbying for Shokin’s dismissal.

Berruyer, founder of the popular anti-corruption blog Les Crises, said that he collected documents that show that the investigation into the gas company was in full swing at the time.

Shokin’s own words to that effect have receive only a passing mention, or no mention at all in the mainstream US media outlets, however. In a recent interview with ABC News, Shokin said that his office was handling six investigation into Burisma at the time of his resignation. However, ABC kept that part of the interview under wraps – leaving the American public essentially in the dark about the status of the probe.

Yes, of course the media is playing cover-up.

Because if the truth about this were known by any significant portion of the population, this whole impeachment hoax would be seen for what it is, which is not only an unjust attack on Donald Trump, but also an attempt to obfuscate and cover-up Joe Biden’s own criminal operations.

Because if Biden were to be legitimately investigated over this behavior in the Ukraine, it would likely unravel a gigantic scheme of pay-to-play taking place within the Obama administration.

It’s the same deal as the Mueller investigation, where the probe into Trump was designed to cover-up all of the criminal activity of Obama and the FBI, what with their spying on Trump and their Russian hoax.