Ukraine: Pro-Jew Nazis of Azov Plot to Aid ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2015

The new Nazis: completely Jew
The new Nazis: completely Jew

I used to feel bad for Jewkraine. When their government was overthrown by mercenary Nazis paid by George Soros and the state department, and they were all out on the streets cheering it, I was like “well… maybe they’re confused…”

I don’t feel bad anymore. This has gone too far to excuse as “well, they have low IQs and get confused easily.”

This country is now shilling harder for Jews than any country in history has ever shilled for Jews, including Poland at its lowest point.


While Russia, France and other countries are trying to build an international anti-ISIL coalition, Ukraine’s Azov volunteer neo-Nazi battalion is eager to go down to Syria and fight against the Russian military, one of the leaders Andriy Biletsky told during a program on the TV Channel 112 Ukraina.

Biletsky, who is also a member of the Verkhovna Rada, was disappointed that not a whole a lot is going on in Ukraine right now due to the ceasefire. He said the Azov battalion could use opportunities in Syria to fight against the Russians.

The Azov leader said considering that the relations between Russia and Turkey dramatically deteriorated after the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian plane in Syria, Turkey should seek Ukraine’s support, as Ukraine would do if it were in Turkey’s place.

In Biletsky’s opinion, Ukraine would be glad to help out the Turkish government in a fight against Russia.

“I can say that Azov, for example, could send its international legion to fight for the Western coalition in Syria,” Biletsky said while on 112 Ukraine.

There you have it.

These Ukrainians are willing to travel the globe to shill and fight wars for Jews wherever they are needed.

Never forget: I was right about this.