Ukraine: Offensively Overweight Wife of Bibi Scorns Traditional Slavic Greeting Ceremony

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

Every day I am reminded about how much I hate these kikes and more importantly, how much they hate me and mine.

Bibi and Sara Netanyahu came to the Ukraine for a diplomatic visit. The first of its kind in 20 years. Despite the cameras rolling and the fact that decorum (even among enemies) is a thing, this Jewess couldn’t suppress her absolute loathing of Slavs long enough to not cause a scandal.

It begs the question: if this is the best that they can do when people are watching, what do these kikes do when they’re alone with their own kind and not watched by the goyim?


The wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has landed in hot water in Ukraine after she threw a piece of bread – part of a welcoming ceremony – on the tarmac, forcing the Israeli leader to apologize for the blunder.

The centuries-old Slavic tradition of greeting honored guests with bread and salt was violated by the first lady during the welcoming ceremony in Kiev. The Netanyahus, apparently unaware of the local custom which requires dignitaries to accept the offer of peace by nibbling on a piece of bread dipped in salt, seemed visibly confused when they were handed the offering.

Eventually, the prime minister grasped the idea of the traditional welcome and ate a piece of bread while giving another to his wife, Sara. However, she apparently was not paying enough attention to the ceremony, as she immediately threw it on the ground.

Wars have been started for less.

Instead, the new kike President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky – who is himself a puppet of an even larger kike, the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky – brushed it off and the visit continued apace.

Now, the Jews are no strangers to rituals.

They make sure that all goyish leaders who visit their country ritually debase themselves if they want to get ahead in politics.

The idea that Sara Netanyahu could not know about the importance of etiquette and not insulting the host country is simply too much for me to believe.

Her father is a Polish Jew.

This was done out of pure spite, period.

This Jewess has nothing but contempt for the Ukrainians and their peasant traditions. She’s also clearly mentally deranged – during the same trip, she tried to break into the cockpit of the plane she was in and confront the pilot for not saying hello to her over the intercom… no, seriously.

And if you’re wondering where all the embezzled American Israeli money went in the corruption scandal that threatened to destroy Bibi’s political career – it went in past her wobbly jowls and down her gargantuan craw… no, seriously.

I cannot stress enough how horrid this woman looks. If evil were to take on a female form, well… this one would definitely be the first choice.