Ukraine is About to Elect First Open Jew to Presidency Because Why Not

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

Ukraine is a basket case.

Oh! And turn around for a moment, would you daughter?

It didn’t use to be. In fact, Ukraine always had a lot going for it.

But people always underestimate just how hard it is to be able to start a country from scratch. First and foremost, the problem that a lot of these former Soviet republics faced was the lack of competent elites that believed in the particular nation-state project.

Ukraine had a lot of talented engineers and doctors and rocket scientists – just ask North Korea, they hired a team of Ukrainian rocket engineers and all of a sudden, their missiles are hitting their targets!

But that’s not enough.

Smart people are like the limbs and organs of a country. You need a brain to coordinate them and make them work for the country. No country can exist without a nomenklatura or a ruling elite of some sort or another. If it’s the patriotic and energetic sort, you get something like Germany through the reunification period to the Weimar Republic and then, well, you know how that story goes by now.

You need to get a second job. Our son grew up and his needs have grown up too!

Most importantly, a country without competent and able leadership ends up squandering its wealth remarkably quickly. Just take a look at the ruins of post-Boomer America if you don’t believe me. Those man-children were allowed to run amok in a sort of Libertarian wet dream gone wild and it only took them 40 years to destroy the most prosperous country in the history of the world.

Ukraine is the same way, only worse. On a fundamental level, despite all the smart people that were left over there, and having had two leaders of the USSR (Khrushchev and Brezhnev), there still wasn’t enough of an elite Ukrainian culture to take over and run the country.

 Left: daycare. Right: kindergarten. Caption: Self-service

And unlike in Russia, where many of the Jewish oligarchs were eventually subdued, kicked out or killed, no such thing emerged in Ukraine because there was no Ukrainian organization that had the competence to rule the country like the security services did in Russia.

All of it ended up being stolen and ruled over by the Jewish mafia.

Signs to help you tell them apart

Since this is the Stormer, people want to know about the Nationalists, of course. Back during the initial break-up, the Nationalists were mostly from the Galician region, but also from Kiev – which always wanted to compete with Moscow and St. Petersburg as a liberal cultural center – and they were getting ready for bloodshed and struggle against the USSR.

But it never came to that. The USSR ended when Russia declared independence from the USSR super-structure with Yeltsin declaring himself President and outmaneuvering the General Secretary and telling all of the former Soviet republics to just leave and leave Russia alone.

– I won’t take this tip to spend on tea. – Then take it to spend on coffee.

Having had independence fall in their lap, you’d think that the Ukrainian nationalists could have done something with it… but you’d be wrong. Willing cannon fodder to die in some war with Moscow they were, but an organization that was serious about taking power, they were not. The only reason that the nationalists even still existed as a force was because Kuchma (first president) and then Yanukovych (ousted president) both funded the radical Bandera-Right to use as a scarecrow to get the moderates and pro-Russians in the country to vote for them.

Sorry about the dog, comrade! He thinks you’re a thief for some reason!

These were never people capable of ruling a country, only people capable of being paid off. Nothing has really changed since then.

The Independent:

Bar a major upset, comedian Volodymyr Zelensky will beat incumbent Petro Poroshenko handsomely in this Sunday’s elections. Most predictions are now focused on the scale of his landslide, with numbers increasing with each new poll.

It’s a prospect that has created considerable excitement among locals – especially among the 6,000 or so Jewish returnee population.

Oleh Vyshnevetsky, head of the local Jewish community group, says Jews can “immediately” see a kindred spirit in Zelensky.

They were especially proud, he says, by the way the presidential favourite stood by his Jewish identity in rebuffing Ukraine’s populist ethnic-nationalist politician Oleh Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party. Lyashko had accused Zelensky of lacking patriotism. Zelensky jokingly responded by threatening to “unleash” his Jewish mother on him.

“We adore the way he manages to find laughter in the tragedy of our country,” he says.

But Zelensky’s appeal stretches far beyond the Jewish population. Remarkably, it extends also into groups who identify with national icons associated with serious antisemitic crimes, including collaboration with the Nazis in extermination practices.

Vyshnevetsky hopes Zelensky’s election will give the nation an opportunity to come to terms with its past.

“Almost every national hero is essentially an executioner of the Jewish nation,” he says. “But even Stepan Bandera’s supporters in western Ukraine are with Zelensky,” he says of the Ukrainian nationalist leader, who was assassinated in 1959.

“Maybe this will help find some peace.”

Translation: the leaders of these nationalist groups take money from Jews and CIAniggers.

Nothing in Ukraine will change after these elections.

Democracy is, after all, just rule by the Jews.

It doesn’t really matter who you pick.

You need competent elites in your country who give a damn about the people. Without this, nothing can work and things will always get worse, no matter how many times you take to the voting booth.

Because you’re always just voting for Judaism, one way or another.

Roy sourced the caricatures used in this article from an old Soviet journal named “Krokodil.”