Ukraine Anal Occupation Jew Government Threatens to Bring Charges Against Cute Pro-Russian Journalist

Remember: the United States State Department is cheering on this censorship in the Ukraine.


Ukrainian authorities are reportedly considering bringing a criminal case against a journalist who they believe questioned the country’s statehood and asked whether it would fare better if it were run from Moscow.

Alyona Berezovskaya made the remarks in an interview with Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the ‘Opposition Platform – For Life’ bloc, broadcast by RT Russian. On Friday, local media reported that the SBU – Kiev’s successor to the Soviet-era KGB – had begun an investigation into whether her line of questioning breached the law.

“Information relating to this individual is being looked into,” the agency’s press service told journalists. “An appropriate legal assessment of her statements and actions will soon be given.”

Berezovskaya asked Medvedchuk “whether it would be better for Ukrainians to join Russia, which would be easier and easier.” She told RIA Novosti that, “as far as I understand, it’s possible that a criminal case will be opened.”

Remember: the Ukraine has only been an independent state since the 1990s. Before that, it was part of the USSR, and before that, it was (mostly) part of the Russian Empire for hundreds of years. The people of the country speak a dialect of Russian.

And obviously, the Ukraine was doing better economically, and arguably socially, when it was part of the USSR, and then when it was aligned with Russia in the post-USSR era. Now, they have serious financial hardships, and they’ve also gone full-anal, with the Jews that run their government demanding non-stop “gay pride” parades.

So, it’s not an outrageous question.

And even if it were an outrageous question: why should someone be criminally prosecuted for asking an outrageous question?

I can think of a lot more outrageous questions that people could ask and not be prosecuted for. For example, anything relating to space aliens – you can ask questions about that, and no one threatens to put you in prison.

I want to stress again that the most remarkable thing about the current censorship crackdown in the Ukraine is that it is openly supported by the US government.

In the US, they tell us they are pro free speech, but they can’t defend people’s right to speech against private monopolies. But outside of the US, they will just openly endorse the state silencing people who are opposed to the “Washington Consensus.”