UKIP Tweets Multicultural “Thank You” After Big Win

Daily Stormer
May 23, 2014


After the big win yesterday, UKIP tweeted a photo of a multicultural celebration of victory.

I am not sure what it is that they are trying to communicate here. Presumably, it is more of this “see, look – we’re not racist!” stuff we keep hearing from the party.

It could also be that they are trolling foreigners.

As I have said, I do believe that Farage himself is probably at least a moderate racist, and that he is playing politics by pretending not to be. My general feeling though is that most of the party’s success is due to the charisma of Farage himself, and that they would have just as much support as they have now – possibly even more – if they took a position closer to that of the BNP.

And I think they are going to start moving in that direction, though they won’t ever be as hardcore as Griffin’s party.