UKIP Plots to Unseat Subversive Jew Ed Miliband

Daily Slave
November 11, 2014

Ed Miliband the subversive Jew should be deported to Israel with the Jude star stamped directly on his forehead as shown here.

With all the drama going on in the Labour Party, UKIP is plotting to unseat Ed Miliband at the general election.

London Telegraph:

Nigel Farage’s party will focus its attention on Mr Miliband’s Doncaster North seat as the Labour leader continues to try and quell a growing rebellion from his own MPs.

Mr Miliband has a majority of 10,909 but Ukip believes there is a surge of support for the party in the area and that the distractions facing the Labour leader mean he can be unseated.

Mr Farage told The Telegraph that winning the seat is “absolutely” possible.

Not only should UKIP unseat this subversive Marxist Jew but they should give him a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv so he can be with parasite alien race of Jews. He does not belong in Britain as evidenced by his ridiculous statements and policy initiatives he has promoted.

Unseat him and then send him to Israel to be with his fellow rats.